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Am I Pregnant? How soon can I know?


Am I pregnant? How Soon can I know?

I know planning a baby can be really a stressful time especially those 10 days before finding out…..when the mixed symptoms are enough to drive anyone crazy….

Some say that its tender breasts, a touchy stomach, fatigue, cramps but not at the time of the menstrual cycle or something else altogether, the first sign of pregnancy is different for every woman and the same woman for the second time as well.

I remember noticing some of these symptoms during my first pregnancy but reading them now has given me a newfound insight into the world of pregnancy…..Do wait for those 10 days and expect the best during this time and I assure you that the good news is on the way….

Do read some confusing symptoms which can be indicators of pregnancy but you will not be sure until you have missed your period and it has been late for over more than 5 days.

Pregnancy Symptoms:

Like every in Bollywood movie, vomiting was a first sign indicating that the lady might be pregnant. This symptom is generally known as Nausea and is not limited to morning sickness as the mommy to be might feel sick or nauseated or might have some food aversions. Luckily I have never experienced any kind of nausea or vomiting ever.


If you’re pregnant, you might notice — like I did! — that you’re completely exhausted at the end of the day. Chalk this one up to hormones too. “Many women feel tired because of the extra pregnancy hormone progesterone,”

Tender, swollen breasts

You may have thought a woman’s breasts wouldn’t change until late in pregnancy, but they actually can become sore and sensitive, and feel heavy and full very soon after conception, but as I always feel this tenderness even before my Menstrual Cycle, this was a very scary and a confusion symptom for me.

Vaginal discharge

White vaginal discharge is perfectly normal during early pregnancy until your baby is born. What you’re noticing is probably leukorrhea – the odourless or mild-smelling milky white discharge, but again this was also a confusing symptom for me…making me run to the loo to check if ‘Aunt Flo’ visited instead me of the baby.

I Hope you have liked the article and totally relate to my viewpoints and experiences as well.

Keep on rocking mommies


SuperMOM Mitali