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I lost my Kids Birth Certificate…..


There are situations when the worse of things tend to happen and we just panic….

Yes…. I had lost my babies birth certificate and had moved almost 3 houses in a span of 1 year that too with a small baby girl so this unforeseen calamity had struck me and without knowing what to do I dialled the “So-Called-Friend” who had loads of contacts. After revealing a lot of info about me, I had to finally tell him my fathers, grandfathers and famous uncles name and then this guy was ready to help me…He told me to give him 10,000 INR which is approximately 180 $ and said it will take 6 months to get the work done, but I used my common sense and told him, I might find the document and hung up on him.

Common sense is highly common in uncommon people- Confucious

Here are some simple steps to get the birth certificate on the spot without any hassles by merely giving 100 bucks which are less than 2$….

  1. Visit the office of the municipal corporation in the city where your baby was born.
  2. It is that specific city’s municipal corporation which will have the record of the registration of birth which is computerised as of today.
  3. In case of different municipal zones/wards in various areas of a city, then you need to visit the zone/ward office of the area where your baby was born. For example, if you wish to apply for a duplicate copy of birth certificate in Mumbai, Maharashtra and you were born in that part of the city which comes under the G-South Ward of the BMC, then you have to apply to that ward. office. I am sure this is the policy followed across all the Indian cities.
  4. You need to go there with a proper photo ID proof with address- Passport or Drivers Licence
  5. In addition to this, you will also have to write a letter or just fill out the application form.
  6.  They will hand you multiple copies of the Birth Certificate.

I have written this blog because this information can really be useful to many parents.

Our government is constantly improving itself and deeply thank them for this easy process.


Keep on Rocking mommies…


SuperMOM Mitali