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How to Relax in a Coffee Shop?


In a city like Mumbai, its a city which never sleeps or stops, making your world stop or stay in a slow-mo is quite a tough task! But….what is another way to relax? Taking some time off! Earlier going to a library was my thing but now due to time constraints and reading at home brings the fear of my toddler tearing my books and ruining my kindle. Hence some ‘ME’ time is a rare commodity. Recently I have discovered my wonderland for relaxing and as you would have guessed it by the title… it’s a coffee shop! How???? Read on and then see the video!

  1. Sitting in a quiet corner – Whenever I visit a Coffee shop the first thing I do is to sit in a quite corner by the window.

    Coffee Shop
    Coffee Shop
  2. Have your favourite coffee- Nothing relaxes you like a “Cuppa Garam Coffee!!!” Yes! that’s my ‘Go To’ mantra as I hardly get time to sip on some great coffee otherwise and observe my surroundings.Coffee Shop 1
  3. Listening to your favourite music- I like some of the contemporary and latest Bollywood tracks that can make me dance or some romantic numbers specifically by Arjit Singh and I never fail to listen to them while in a coffee shop.Coffee Shop 2
  4. Reading a book- I am ohhhh sorry…was an avid book reader but now I hardly get time to read and that’s why coffee shop is a great way to read whatever I can lay my hands on.Coffee Shop 3
  5. Staying updated on the Social Media- I check all my social media and some of the positive comments that come my way! This really makes my day.Coffee Shop 4
  6. Blogging- I have really been falling behind on my blogs and I promise to be more prompt hence I need to relax more in the coffee shop mommies!Coffee Shop 5
  7. Catching up with your friends- This is a no-brainer but just remember to keep the negative out of the way.Coffee Shop 6
  8. Watching Sitcoms- Laughter is the best medicine, so even though I forget to take one I laugh with my sitcoms and this really makes me see the lighter side of things in life.Coffee Shop 7
  9. Seeing my favourite Youtube Channels- Being a Youtuber myself seeing other videos is inspiring and also they keep me updated on the latest things that are going on in the Youtube world. Coffee Shop 8