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How to pull yourself out of a Bad Mood- Mommy Edition


There are days when we all feel a bit down, it may be a tantrum that your kid has thrown, or it may be as simple as a disagreement over a small thing, it can even be reasons like your kids’ health or an every month PMS followed up by everyone sitting over your head.

I know mommies; I even feel that and try to battle it in the following ways.

Chant, Prey and think everything except Grey!

I have recently been introduced to Nichiren Buddhism and it’s a Japanese way of practicing Buddhism, I am yet to study it in detail but it’s basic principles are based on the law of attraction and chanting with a positive outlook and keeping your goals in mind will surely make you feel better positive in the long run.

Some quick ‘Me-Time’           

I have always noticed that whenever I do something to my hair, experiment with it, cut it, colour it or just get a simple blow-dry I feel extremely good. That is a way of having some ‘Me-Time’ for myself but for you, it can mean anything like visiting a parlour to get manis and pedis or even get your nails done or a quick massage.

A butt-kicking workout.

Yes, sometimes it’s especially tough to get motivated to workout when you are down in the dumps, I know…… but once you get moving, you feel pretty good, right?

I really enjoy a high-intensity cardio or a weightlifting workout And then when I am finished, the feel-good endorphins are flowing, and I just feel on top of the world.

Now….The bad mood has completely vanished! Poof!

Some friendly banter with an old friend.

Come on…..Are Friends always there to kick you out of the dumps rights? So why not do something that you were always fond of doing as a girl before you became a mommy and missed after becoming a mom? Like having Pani-Puri on the streets, Shopping for nice lingerie, clothes, makeup, accessories in a mall without a small one tugging you?

Or it could be as simple as having a coffee or some ice cream with a friend!

Spending quality time with kids

Last but not the least, when I spend some quality time with my daughter and talk to her, her enthusiasm towards life and trying out new things always peps me up.


What say, mommies??? Was this article helpful?

Keep on rocking and the bad mood does not bother you at all!


SuperMOM Mitali