The happiest place in a house is the kids’ room. It smells sweet, there is a mist of innocence in the air and the sole pleasure of creating numerous memories that would make you smile as a parent in the future. Although it is the happiest place in the house, it is also the shabbiest corner of the house. We cannot blame kids for that, they are kids, they don’t know the concept of discipline, organization and systematic approach to keeping their room neat and tidy. It’s the parents who must take care of it.

We teach our children that it is wrong to lie. Yet, we let go of their mischief when they misplace their stuff and cannot find it at the right place at the right time. Kids need to learn the art of organization from an early age and develop it into an ability while they grow up. Here we have a few methods on how to develop your kids the skill of organization to keep their room neat and clean.

Cloth Organizers: We, as parents give more than 100% every day to make sure that our kid stays happy. Well, some things are best when we teach kids instead of doing it for them. Organizing clothes is a tedious task even for the parents. But we still do it.

A wardrobe is one of the most personal things in a person’s life. So, it is highly necessary for kids to learn how to organize their wardrobe efficiently in a systematic manner.

A kid’s wardrobe needs to have at least 4 compartments. The first compartment could be used to store their daily clothes like T-Shirts, shorts, night suits, pajamas etc. The second section could be used to hang fancy wears like dresses, jeans, party shirts, suits etc. The third slot can be used to store all the delicates like undergarments, handkerchiefs, vests, and socks. The fourth one is important for girls rather than boys, it can be used to store all fashion accessories. If the wardrobe has more than 4 compartments, other required stuff like books, stationery et cetera can be well arranged.

Collapsible Ottoman: A kids’ room is a soft corner in the house where your heart resides. And it is also one of the messiest parts of the house. It requires more and more storage to assemble your kid’s toys, books, and other knick-knacks. Plus, the size of the room restricts any sort of furniture to be added. It gets cramped up when your kid’s mates visit him/her and don’t find a place to sit.

Collapsible Ottoman solves both the problems. It is a chair without a back that also provides a space for storing knick-knacks.
Kids can store their books, handy toys and even their important stationeries that occupy too much space on the study table.
Wall Decals: Wall decals are a fancy home décor that acts as an additional organizer in kid’s rooms. Wall decals simply allow your kids to hang their routine stuff so that it is easily accessible. Train your kid to make a habit of hanging their coat/shirt on the hook instead of throwing it on the bed or couch. These decals can also be used to hand identity cards, bicycle keys etc.

Clock: A clock is an important aspect when it comes to organization. A kid needs a clock to stay organized and disciplined. Punctuality is the first step. A clock not only allows your kid to stay on time but also helps in one of the most required skills, time management. Timing is the second step in staying organized, your kids can reach the right place at the right time only if they are organized.

Kids Toy Storage: There are many types of equipment available in the market to store kids’ toys. It is highly essential for a kids’ room to have a toy storage unit where all the toys can be accrued safely without the worry to misplace or lose them.

There are different types of toy storage units available in the market. However, I personally prefer the ones made of nylon. They are sturdy, foldable, big enough and pocket-friendly.

Toy storage is usually in a cube shape that ensures that maximum toys can be fitted without worrying about the shape and structure. A cube holds the weight proficiently and keeps the organizer sturdy.

Kids Laundry Basket: Health and hygiene of a kid is the foremost priority of a parent. The main source of germs spreading is poor sanitation and bacterial stagnancy. We, adults, are aware of the diseases that can spread through a dirty shirt lying in the room for hours, however, kids have no idea about hygiene. A laundry basket in kids’ room for organization and a life-long lesson that dirty/sweaty clothes are supposed to be washed after every use.

A laundry bag must be placed in a corner of the kids’ room with a strict instruction to kids that all the clothes that are worn by them must be dumped in the laundry basket or else they must wear it again all sweaty.

Files: Kids have a lot of assignments at school. They need to write a paper for every subject. After the revaluation, kids do get their copy to take home and acknowledge their parents about the same. If the grades are good, then parents save a photocopy of the paper. However, when the grades are not considerable, the paper needs to be filed in order to rectify the mistakes and prepare better for the next examinations.

Here, the use of files is a necessity. Filing habituates, the kids from an early age to keep the important documents organized and safe. This habit is one of the most important skill when it comes to the professional world.

Teaching filing is quite easy, however, maintaining a file takes efforts. For starters, kids can use different files for different subjects and one file that contains photocopies of all the important documents like passport, ration card etc. Another file can be maintained just for their curricular as well as extracurricular achievements like certificates, awards etc.

Compass Boxes: When it comes to handling stationeries, kids often tend to lose them without any worry. It doesn’t make them seem to like it’s a big deal, however, the parents know that cumulatively, stationeries cost as much as books. Kids often carry a compass box with them that allows them to keep their stationery organized and more importantly safe.

A pencil box must have pencils, pens, eraser, sharpener and a ruler. These are the mandates; however, some even carry color pencils, a compass, protractor etc. These can be carried in another compass box. This manner of organization allows the kid to carry only what is required instead of spilling everything to get a hold of an eraser.

Well, this was our list of how to assist your kids in teaching the art of room organization and discipline.

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