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How to choose the perfect rug for your child’s bedroom


Everyone knows that being a mum is sometimes difficult, and there is a lot to do. Your ‘to do list’ may never be done, but we can help you with on part of it: choosing a rug for your child’s room. With our help, you can get this ticked off and start working on the rest of your list.

First of all, when choosing a rug you will probably want something that your child will like: something with their favorite cartoon character, or even a rug that could also act as a puzzle or games board, for example. In this way, the rug can be more than just a part of the décor; it can also be part of their play.

Aside from this, practical considerations are also important. For example, you will want something that is hypoallergenic, and a fiber that will not irritate your child’s skin too much. Wool may be the perfect choice for this. Another consideration is whether the rug is washable. You will definitely want to get a rug that can be washed, as your kid WILL spill things, many things, on the rug. Durability is also key, as it will need to take the rough and tumble that will be thrown at it. Likewise, it is probably better to choose a rug that is in a darker color, as this will hide a multitude of sins.

Whatever you choose, and there are so many choices available on the market today, the above tips will surely help you to choose a rug that will make your child’s bedroom into their safe haven. And then you can get on with the rest of your to-do list!

To find out more about the choices of rugs available for your child’s bedroom, see the infographic below from LandofRugs.com


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