Seriously…I did not know how to be healthy when everyone gives you food loaded with calories saying that it is for the baby and not you and because you are breastfeeding…have everything that you feel like…This is when the health goals that you have written down over the years go for a toss and because you have so much over your head you end up being unhappy….

Worry Not….because you can still be healthy and happy as a mom if you just follow these simple steps…

Multitasking is not an option, it’s a must 
As a new mom, you suddenly find yourself incredibly busy at all hours of the day. You have to start looking at everything you do as an opportunity to get other things done. Recognize a window of time, of opportunity, or whatever you can get your hands on, and take it. Take your calls on a power walk with your kids, dress in your workout gear and do your own exercises at the playground, plan the rest of your weekly menu while tonight’s casserole is in the oven. Squeeze in fitness wherever you can, because sometimes you just won’t be able to make time for an hour-long trip to the gym.

Planning is key
When things slow down, or at least slightly, plan out your meals. Focus on healthy lunches for both you and your kids. Don’t slack in either category! (If we put in as much time planning our nutritious meals as we did with our kids, we’d be in much better shape…literally!)

Cut yourself some slack 
Before I got pregnant, I counted every calorie and worked out for 90 minutes each day. Now my days are spent trying to get my picky little eater to sit through a meal and chase him around the house! Set smaller goals. Your post-partum reality will most likely be much different than your pre-pregnancy vision. My biggest victory now is getting a healthy meal on the table. So, you only got in a 15-minute workout? That’s fine. So long as you pushed yourself for that 15 minutes, be proud of yourself! Negative thoughts produce negative results. Don’t be your own roadblock to success.

Everything in moderation
Go ahead and have that cookie, I won’t tell. Restrictive diets can lead to binging and a loss of control over your food. Feed your willpower, not all your cravings. And never forget who is watching your every move – your child. Demonstrate a healthy relationship with food so your child doesn’t develop an unhealthy one.

Be your own motivation
This was the hardest thing to accept. I used to look to my peers for inspiration. Their bodies motivated me to shape my own. Now, however, that is a little less realistic. Now that I have 2 kids,  I look at myself. My elder daughter is looking up to me these days… I have to be my own role model for her

Women come to me all the time saying now that they’re moms they don’t have the time to think about what they eat, prepare healthy meals or exercise. My response? As a mom, you have the most intrigued audience watching your every move – your kids. It is crucial you take the time to live a healthy lifestyle for yourself so your kids are raised knowing how to make healthy choices for themselves. It’s not rocket science. It’s not even that difficult most times. Just be mindful of your decisions and keep watch of those little eyes watching you!

That’s a pretty important lesson healthy living has taught me about being a mom. I’d love to hear what your journey through living healthfully and motherhood has taught you!


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