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Holi is for Humans not for Pets!


Human begins are social animals and hence they created festivals to celebrate the onset of a different season or a harvest cycle or beginning of a new year or something really important. However, animals were happy in their own world. They didn’t ask us to include them, they were and are still happy in their own sweet world…But today….we are causing them harm with festivals like Holi and Diwali and many other festivals like Makar Sankranti etc…

Now that we celebrating Holi tomorrow lets keep the below-mentioned points in mind so as to not harm our furballs….

Speaking of how festivals are usually a tough time for pets, Meghana Tiwari a pet enthusiast said,

"People usually go overboard in festivities during Holi and put colours
 on their pets. Animals habitually lick themselves and if they lick 
the colours then it is chemicals that they are consuming that can 
cause stomach ailments and other illnesses. If not treated on time, 
it can also prove to be fatal. The coloured water can cause 
skin infections and affect the eyesight."

Adding to it, pet owner and animal activist Mansi Jain, adds, “Chemicals in the colours result in dermatitis and hair loss in animals.”

What can you do to minimise the harm? Dr Mallika Ranjan a Veterinary doctor in Mumbai says… 

Don’t play Holi with your pets! It is not their festival 

If your pet or a stay in your vicinity comes in contact with colour use a pet shampoo to take the colour off their fur, keep away from human shampoo however great it might be. 
In any instance, if you start noticing the symptoms of poisoning caused by dry/wet Colors which is Vomiting, Loose stool, Excessive drool and Behavioural changes. rush it to the nearest veterinarian or animal hospital.

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