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Happy Mothers day! Can one day be enough? Preggy Photoshoots and much more….!


“Ohhh today is Mothers day? Haaah! Only one day in a year for a mother? Haah haah haah!” Said my mom.

“Hey girl, happy mothers day! So how does it feel” WhatsApp a friend of mine who is just about to get married.

“To my mother. the light in my life and blah blah blah!!!” Said everyone on Facebook and Twitter

Mothers Day
Mothers Day

“Hey…next year is gonna be special with my little one around” said Neha who’s my BFF and a childhood friend.

So many people, so many reactions……But i still think like mothers day, or better instead of Mothers Day, we should celebrate, expecting mothers day! What say mommies??????

I think we gonna create this day (another media frenzy for deals and discounts) right Neha?

Mothers Day 1

Neha might be sleeping right now in Bangalore, while i pen down my thoughts. So ya….Neha and i pretty much grew up together, staying in opposite buildings. School, studies and later her transfer to Thane moved us apart but later, when i was expecting my former Gynac turned out to be Nehas aunt. Thats how i added her on Facebook and we began chatting.

“Hey i see all your videos, and you know i am gonna be a mommy” exclaimed Neha over Whatsapp. I was so thrilled on knowing that because i still believe the best part about Motherhood is Pregnancy.

Now Neha is 8 months pregnant and craves for all sorts of things like Mango, Pasta, Khichadi and Sweets but wants to keep her Sugar levels to the minimum hence avoids sweets.

So Neha this video has been practically made for you. 

She also thinks that “Mothers day is highly rated, not many people are aware about this and if we are gonna celebrate this day Fathers day should be celebrated too.”

And i think one to always remember this feeling of becoming a mom is via Photos. So Neha and all the expecting moms, is a photo shoot on the way?

Below are some cool pics and some images that i really loved.


If you just go on Pinterest and type ‘Pregnancy Photoshoots’, an array of photos will pop up, making you gasp. While some boards are for the first time parents, 2nd and 3rd time parents aren’t far behind. While i was lucky to get it professionally done, many can just use the i Phone 6 or a good camera phone in a scenic location and the pics an be as awesome as the professional ones. Some of these are my favourites.

Mothers Day 2

Mothers Day 3

Mothers Day 4

Even one step ahead of these photoshoots are the Mommy Youtubers, who pretty much concieve the baby on Youtube.(hehehe Pun intended) and some of the videos that i think are really cool in this segment are as follows.

So while becoming a mom is a wonderful experience, celebrating motherhood is another and that means, being happy aabout being a mom in all the circumstances, even when you are tired. (wink wink)