Home Lifestyle Happy Imaginary Fathers day, some best video campaigns and much more.

Happy Imaginary Fathers day, some best video campaigns and much more.

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I have a most honest confession to make, as i was growing up i didn’t have a good father figure in mind. Don’t get me wrong, i have a father and my mom and dad are still together but just that me and my father do not share a good rapport. This is something which cannot be changed but to look at the positive side about this, i grew up very fast, took responsibilities on to my shoulder and didn’t rely on anyone. It was a good thing that these Fathers day or Mothers day concepts were mostly redundant in those years. It was quite a blessing that i had to skim these days without getting embarrassed. But what did i do while these situations did arise?

I kind of visualised my imaginary dad and This is what I have been doing for the most of my life…imagined a father figure while making a decision, slowly turned to my imaginary dad while no one represented me at PTA’s, patted on my back, cried when I lost and all those golden moments were spent with me and my imaginary dad so yaaa….Happy Imaginary fathers day daddy! Not much is spoken about this topic in India and this can be a grave situation if paid attention to.

But nonetheless some of the below mentioned videos left a teary eyed Supermom Mitali.

What i like about this video and what made me cry? I loved the way this video is shot. I love the way the Sholay scene unfolds. I love the father and the whole bollywood angle that has been given to it. I love the end of the video and that made me cry. Mothers view on Fathers Day videoSee this for the dad in the video. 

Obviously this is my favourite because…..All of us moms have been a single mom at a point of time, be it when your hubby is working late, is outstation, is having a superbusy schedule or you are one of the single and proud moms. Mothers view on Fathers Day video- We would not like it when someone called us the best dad. “Superparent” or “Supermom” would be better! 

Such a simple idea but this is the way india is built, Kishan Chand and Sons, Xyz and Sons, Abc and Sons but i love one frame in the video when someone wrote their name and added daughters in the end. Kudos to the one frame in the video which steals the show. Mothers view on Fathers Day video- Women entrepreneurs take a bow and name your business after your daughters names too. Raise them to become independent and give them all the confidence in the world to make them superhuman beings and build empires. 

We all thought our parents were Kanjoos but now that i run a house,job, business and take care of a hubby, baby and a dog i can be Kanjoos sometimes too. I do not try to have a  prices comparison debate with my daughter everytime she asks for a toy but feel that things are getting expensive. The solution- Increase your income! Right mommies??   Mothers view on Fathers Day video- Will you call your mom Kanjoos? HEHEHAH! 

This is my imaginary dad! And the reason why this video features last on my video list is because as a video idea this totally rocks but i doubt any dad would do all the following activities except piking up his daughter from a late night train. Mothers view on Fathers Day video- Watch it for making your babies dad do all the things and then even he can be known as a SuperDAD.