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Growing up in the 90’s V. Growing up in 2016


90’s -When I ponder back at my childhood years of the 20th century, I wonder as to what did we do? How did we pass our days? When I was a kid, TV used to work for hardly an hour and rest of the time all we could see were rainbow colours, Then with the emergence of cable tv, we could see channels for some hours of the day and rest was still rainbow colours or black and white ants greeting us. We saw cartoons on a VCR tape that too I watched the same Tom & Jerry for almost 5 years till Cartoons started coming on TV.

Growing Up
Growing Up

2016- Renny just gets up and puts her favourite cartoon on in the morning!

90’s- We then saw the incredible invention by Graham Bell enter our lives, when I was almost 12 years old.

Growing Up 1

2016- Renny had broken almost 4 mobiles till date. She chewed on my moms BB and ruined it. She thews one outside of the window and we never found it ever! She stepped on one and broke its spine. Renny also threw my mobile and broke it into pieces.(Thank god I was able to repair it)

90’s- I was so fascinated by a computer, that I even decided to do a course when I was only 14 I joined Aptech one of the leading institutes proving comp education and what followed was the only horror! 3 ladies with soda glasses screaming- “Why does she need to learn computers so early? I have never seen this ever!” I just wanted to scream “Because you are a dumb bozo AUNTY!” Finally, computer entered our house in 2003…Yeah!!!!!!

Growing Up 2

2016- Renny used to watch cartoons and youtube on my laptop since day 1 and that too a Macbook air!

90’s- I got my first mobile in 2004! I was 20 years old then

Growing Up 3

2016- At 2 years of age, Renny had already broken 4 mobiles in her life!

As surreal as it may have sounded to my mom, had a space traveller told her about her granddaughter doing all these things, she would have narrated her story to the space traveller about studying under the street lights, not having electricity & walking barefoot to school!!!!

Do you wanna listen to this story? NOOOOOOOO!!!!

Keep on Rocking mommies!!!!

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