Grow Your Instagram Account with 5 Unconventional Hacks and Tips!




Do these words seem familiar? Well, hashtags are the most common features Instagrammers use to reach out to more people.

Popularity here is decided by the number of followers you gained, likes and shares you get, etcetera, etcetera.

So, what’s the level of popularity your Instagram account gained until now?

Chances are you might be having a decent follower base. However, do you know, with a few simple tips and tricks, you can receive more followership in a short time?

Well, no; hashtags are not the only way to grow your account! Here, check out 5 other ways you can ensure your #IG account’s popularity multiplies soon enough.

#1 Click good photos but not too perfect 

Ever heard about the saying? A photo speaks a thousand words? So that is the ideology that Instagram is ideally based on. SO click good photos which establish some kind of a relationship. Talking about the parenting niche here… I usually click photos which convey emotion. They can be as topical as summers or mangoes or it can be general info about sleep or babywearing or sleep or breastfeeding, as seasons change I try and incorporate the topicals stuff in them. These can be as basic as berries are in season or I am getting a new Tricycle for my baby.

The most important thing here is to be relevant to your audience. It cant be vague or too expensive.

#1 Bring local exposure with location stickers

Do you realize, you may be missing out on a whole bunch of viewers and audiences? Location plays a crucial role in bringing more exposure. In the age of the internet, location is as important as the news or story. I realised this while I was travelling back in 2017. I posted a lot of Kolkata related photos and I got many DMs and followers.

So, yes! If you are looking forward to gaining followers from a particular region or area on the globe, you better start using location stickers! This applies to the area that you stay in as well. I stay in Mumbai with multiple options to travel and skirt.

#2 Your bio – A sure-shot chance to express yourself in words

All you have in the bio section of your Instagram account to impress or amaze the reader/viewer is 160 characters.

If you find it’s too less to make a mark, think again!

That small space can decide in a moment whether a viewer will stay or slide next. So, be creative with whatever you write there.

Use chunks of creative phrases to describe yourself. Remember, stay real and true in whatever you say.

#3 Pick your Instagram name (Username) wisely

Yes, here, we are not talking about wisely choosing your user name, instead… the Instagram name for your account.

Here’s the trick; It should be easy to remember, should signify what you stand for and please go easy with the spellings.

For Example- Talking about my name SuperMOM Mitali- SuperMOM is something which will tell the viewers that this is a Mommy related page plus it is not a very big name and the spelling is easy and relatable.

Other names that i like are …The Sassy Mama, Mom in the bay, MomBay (This is not taken)

We should avoid names that are too big and complicated…

Wanderlust on the globe, Globetrotters paradise with a mommy, Global wanderlust or something which does not signify what you mean. 


#4 Target collective accounts with tag

Another unique way to reach out to more viewers is to use popular tags of curated accounts in your niche. This will bring you more relevant and better communities to connect with.

Get started to search for such tags and use them! There are apps like Hashto and In Tags by Prilaga which will help you in the same.

#5 Never underestimate the power of a giveaway

Well, yes; giveaways can literally ‘give’ you more than what you offer your participants!

This trick not only brings new followers to your account but also higher community engagement and brand awareness.

Start with a promotional campaign for a fun activity or competition and end it with giveaways for the winners.

That’s it! These tried and tested methods will work up to grow your Instagram account multiple times.

#6 Instagram Stories 

Insta stories came in somewhere in 2016 and revolutionized the way people looked at Instagram. Now there are so many things to do with stories alone that people get confused as to what to do. Posting too many or too infrequently is also not a good idea.

What I do is gently share my day via stories. Not too much and not too less. I try and keep it parenting specific and also share what I fell via the stories. I do include Gifs, location stickers and tag other accounts to gain more traction.

I hope you had a lot of fun reading this. For more such features do let me know. 

SuperMOM Mitali


Keep on Rocking