Being a mommy is more research than studying for exams, its more of a commitment than getting hitched, its more work than planning a lavish meal for your in laws and its more than living your life, it actually means living your life again through your kids. So while my mommy radar is always on for grasping new information, this particular afternoon totally changed my view of looking at the Food, Packaging & beverages industry all together.

 Following is a expert from my afternoon Luncheon with with with Ritika Samaddar, Chief Dietician, Max Hospital, Dr. Jagdish Pai, Executive Director Protein Foods & Nutrition Development Association of India and Jaideep Gokhale, Communications Director, Tetra Pak.

 SuperMOM Mitali- What is NQ?

Ritika Sammaddar– NQ means, Nutrition quotient (We Indians love to use abbreviations)

So NQ is a website which provides us with tremendous information not only that but also It is a course that will enhance your knowledge and help you in making the best nutritional decisions. It is a course designed to keep you updated on the latest developments in food technologies that reflect our own changing lifestyles.

 Jaideep Gokhale- It is a Tetra Pak educational initiative for mothers, Nutritionists and doctors, we at Tetra Pak believe in preventive science rather than curative science.

 Why are people suddenly taking interest in food related hygiene?

Ritika Sammaddar – Ohh is it? That is really something that we are looking forward to but……frankly speaking during my practice at Max Hospitals where I give nutritional guidance to people recovering from bypass surgery, angioplasty and many other complications the first thing that we do is teach them what to eat, at what time and how to choose what to eat at what time. Means when you look at a packet instead of looking at the offers, take time at looking at the packaging and see if it has a FSSI mark also if one is buying a juice it has a proper Tetra Pak logo. So we basically teach them how to eat and what to eat and get better, feel better and recover fast & to answer the question may be people are taking interest in Food related hygiene is to may be prevent these lifestyle disorders.

What should we look for while buying a product in the market?25034

Ritika SammaddarLike I said while answering the earlier question, Packaging…if the carton is intact, FSSI logo, Always buy Tetra Pak juice and milk, never buy anything loose because it may seem authentic…for eg….i have seen many people buying loose masalas saying that they are homemade and it tastes like my grandmothers food or secret ingredient…but…I am telling you this secret that these masalas or any thing may have poisonous/ hazardous substances which we may be totally unaware of and we may consume them under the secret ingredient notion.



SuperMOM Mitali– Ohh ya then they really do contain secret ingredients!

All laugh!!!

What does Tetra Pak want to tell the audience? Especially mothers…

Jaideep Gokhale- We want to educate moms the science behind eating and choosing the safe food for their unborn kids, babies, family and themselves. Now when Maggie was taken out of the market, we witnessed a crazy scene where people started buying it in BLACK (Extra Price) & suddenly Maggie is back! So we want to educate people instead of following fads and trends, think and act…sorry think and eat!

 There suddenly seems to be a vegan revolution in India…..Does that have to do anything with the food packaging and the milk industry in general?


Dr. Jagdish Pai- Now let me answer this question Mitali

Mitali– It would be my pleasure to know the answer sir.

Woman at groceries store

Dr. Jagdish Pai- Suddenly turning into a vegan is like making someone change their food habits overnight! Its like telling a tiger to become a vegetarian, asking a giraffe to eat meat and telling a fish that there is world outside water too! So when you see a youtube video and start blaming brands and the industry in general, one should understand that not everyone is sailing in the same boat. Now understand the science behind food….our body needs nutrition from dairy and dairy products and when one suddenly stops having them without any medical advice, your body will try to find the depleted reserves from your bodily treasures result can be….broken bones, hair loss, fatigue and a feeling that life is just dragging, one may even feel sad, remorse or worse. So my advice consult a proper nutritionist and then do whatever you want, I mean follow the advice if you want to live a long and a healthy life.

 What should we do with the Tetra Pak after using ?

All reply– Recycle.

This was my experience in conversation with some of the great people that I had a chance to meet and have lunch with. Besides the fact that the prawns still melt in my mouth, I would never be able to get over the fact that I was totally unaware and ignorant about the packaging and food industry altogether.

Supermom Mitali then quietly starts the NQ course for moms and decides to write an article about the same later.

Keep on Rocking Mommies

SuperMOM Mitali



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