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How to get a Minors Passport in India


How to get a Minor’s Passport In India…..Let me tell you in a very simplified way how…

The most common disorder that I face is procrastination and I have been bearing the brunt for this ever since and one thing that I am guilty of not being able to do is still to get my daughters passport and while researching about the same and because passport is a really important document for travelling, I thought this topic would be most relevant for a Travel Tuesday.

These are the steps that are very important to follow to get a Minors Passport in India…

Check the below-mentioned scenarios that you are in currently to get the Minor’s Passport
Passport of a minor with consent of parents Annexure H
Minor with a single parent Annexure H
Single parent of a child born before marriage Annexure C
Legal guardian Annexure H
Application by one of the parents when consent of both parents cannot be obtained Annexure G
Parents live separately but are not divorced Annexure C

Google these Annexures by Typing- Annexure H for Passport- You will get Links.

They are also mentioned as follows.


Fill out the Annexures by simply downloading the forms.

Who Can Apply for a Minors Passport? Any Legal Guardian
How to Apply for the minor's passport? 

The process remains the same…Go to the website Passport Seva and click this LINK. 

After you dully fill in the form….

Register, Pay the Amount, Make the Appointment and visit with all 
the documents. 

The Other important factors to consider before the application are….

Minor Passport: Salient Features

The list of important things to remember about the issuance of a minor’s passport in India are listed below:

  • Parent’s passport: Both parents need not mandatorily have passports for acquiring/applying for their child’s passport.
  • Consent of parents: Annexure H needs to carry signatures of both parents as it signifies their consent for the issuance of passport to their child.
  • Parents with criminal background: In case parents have a criminal background or passports with unfavourable police verification reports, their child may be issued a passport under the tatkal scheme, provided it is approved by RPO
  • Photographs: There are some specifications vis-a-vis issuance of passports to minors as listed below:
    • Parents of minors under 4 years should carry a passport-size photograph to the Passport Office (PO)/Passport Seva Kendra (PSK)
    • Photographs of minors above four years are taken at PO/PSK
    • A photograph’s background should be white while the minor should be dressed in dark colours
    • Frontal view of face should be clearly visible in the photograph
    • Expression in the photograph should be natural (no dramatic raised eyebrows, frowning and so forth)
    • Head should be in the centre of the picture. Both ears should be clearly visible
    • Eyes should be open and clearly visible
    • Photographs should not be signed

For all the other information please do visit this WEBSITE

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Hope you found all the information useful.

Keep on Travelling with the minors…


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