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How to get your kids to maintain a Journal- For just about everything


If you are thinking that maintaining a journal was a thing of the 90s…think again….! Getting your kids to maintain his/her journal or introducing them to the world of journals can be the best thing that you can probably teach them. Agree with us?

Then….. Read on as to what are the different ways to get them to do so.

A Travel Journal

If you are planning a Holiday then this is the right time to get your kiddo to invest in a Travel Journal. A Travel journal can begin long before the kid starts his/her trip. You could ask them to probably study the history and geography of the place, they may even choose to paste some pictures of the places that they would love to visit, the things they might wanna eat and the activities they would be interested in doing.

When you are finally off on holiday with your family, why not encourage your kids to capture their memories in a travel journal? Not only is this a great thing to show friends and relatives back home, it becomes a keepsake to treasure as they grow older. It also keeps up writing and creativity skills whilst you are away. Double win!

Fashion Journal

Now a fashion journal won’t just be limited to a girl but it can also extend to boys. Girls can be encouraged to write or even post pics of their favourite dresses/celebs and trends whereas boys can be directed towards a journal by asking them to post about their favourite shoes or their favourite celebs style. Awesomeness…Right????

Sports Journal

Journals are the best way to keep the encouragement going and what would be a better way to push yourself at sports than to maintain a sports journal? I am sure both girls and boys would be excited to start collecting info about their favourite sport or players and for those who wish to enter the world of sports or are already an athlete/ sportsman maintaining this journal makes even more sense! Doesn’t it?

Some other kind of journals can be Crafts Journal (Kids are really good at making stuff these days…haven’t u heard of Masterchef Junior?)  a Cooking Journal or Recipe Journal , Essay Journal or a Poetry Journal

Do and Donts….

While maintaining a journal can be an interesting activity just following these dos and don’ts can help you sort it out even more and really help the kids.

Do’s- Family Highlights

Before you get your kids writing,  discuss as a family what you and your partner will be contributing to this journal and what will be the kid’s responsibility. We don’t want all the parents to do the work or get over burdened.

Do’s- Setting out a time!

Journal writing, just like a blog can be an all consuming activity so, setting out a proper time for this would be the ideal way to teach your kids the difference between work and a hobby.

Dont’s- Not an English lesson!

Don’t be tempted to correct your child’s grammar and spelling. This diary should be a place for them to express their creativity and not feel constrained. There is plenty of time for English lessons and worksheets back home. Journal writing should be fun and never feel like a chore.

Dont’s- May NOT work for everyone

Journal writing can be a really interesting activity for one kiddo but may not work for another. So….not comparing two kids and letting them be or letting them discover their own thingi will be really ideal.