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Get a Pregnancy Glow with these 6 Superfoods


Is every day becoming more exciting for you as your Miss or Mr. Junior is growing in your bun? Well, amidst all those anxieties and excitements, it is extremely vital for you to eat healthy when you’re pregnant. Again, with your hormones changing along with the humid tropical climate, it’s no surprise that your moods are fluctuating.

However, do you know, one of the reasons for this mood swings can be improper diet? Moreover, poor eating habits will also lead to excess weight gain and can even increase the chances of gestational diabetes.

So, is there no way to have a smooth pregnancy in summer?

Of course, there is! The key is, knowing what can combat cravings and keep yourself cool. So, consume these 6 organic Indian foods in between your meals to maintain your health and pregnancy glow this summer.

Greek yogurt yum!

I’ve been into this, so, I know how difficult it gets when your tummy and mind don’t go in sync!

Hence, here’s a solution- yogurt or dairy product. These will offer you extra protein and calcium which are vital for maintaining your overall health. Also, yogurts have probiotic bacteria which help in balancing digestive health and keeping bodies cool during harsh Indian summers.

Sweet potatoes? Oh yes!

Pregnant women need extra doses of vitamin A by 10-40%. Therefore, instead of using supplements, try consuming Indian sweet potatoes! These contain beta-carotene which breaks down as vitamin A in the body.

Moreover, these potatoes tend to keep you fuller longer, so you can successfully curb cravings.

Tip: Try sweet potato recipes for indulging your taste buds if you don’t feel like having them raw.

Popeye’s favorite!

Even if they sound unappealing, embrace those leafy greens! Broccoli spinach and kale will not only supply your body with the quintessential nutrients of Vitamin C, K and A but will also keep you fuller taming your unruly moods.

What’s more? These vegetables will give you lustrous hair and enhance your Pregnancy glow 2-fold, all through summer.

Berries to make you chirpy!

If you have an uncontrollable urge to eat something sweet, instead of ordering a platter of fat-filled rasgullas, have berries.

You can try having strawberry, raspberry, or blueberry along with a dash of chocolate sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Packed with vitamin C and healthy carbs, these fruits will keep your blood sugar level low and reduce cravings.

Avocado aka the healthy fat!

Avocados will benefit not only yours but also your baby’s health. These fruits, apart from containing monounsaturated acids, have Vitamin B, folate and potassium. These are proven to aid in building your baby’s hair and skin tissues.

Moreover, you can prevent issues like leg cramps too! So, look up for avocado salad recipes online and make yourself a healthy snack!

Banana to the rescue!

Would be mommas, if you’re suffering from anemia and iron deficiency, make sure you consume at least 2 bananas daily. Apart from iron, bananas will provide relief from colon infections, leg cramps, and swellings, which can cause a lot of discomfort during the gestation period.

Bottom line:

“Besides the foods mentioned above, would-be-mothers are advised to consume lean meats, whole grains and lots of legumes to maintain body’s energy levels. So, to survive a smooth and healthy pregnancy, shop clean and eat a well-balanced diet! Shine with your pregnancy glow!”