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Finding the magic in Mommyhood with SuperMOM Sara Sadik


We got chatting with the beautiful mommy Sara who not only is a mom but a mom who tries to find magic in mommyhood and shares her experiences on her website and in the soon to be published book. Sara is also a part of our Supermoms of the world initiative and we wish her all the best for the website, book and raising her 2 beautiful kids and the upcoming one!!! (Awwwwwwwww) 

PS- Check out her special message to us fellow moms! 

Magic in Mommyhood
Magic in Mommyhood

So Sara tell us in detail about your blog and the concept behind the same? 

My blog is found on www.sarasadik.com and the tagline behind it all is ‘finding the magic in mommyhood’. This is ultimately my brand that I have built to support my (fingers crossed) soon to be published book. So, you can find a weekly blog on there (please subscribe!) where I discuss the “magic” in anything and everything from potty training to “parental fails” and mother in laws!  

In addition, I have just published the first few of a blog series, “Every Mama Has a Hiccup,” where I talk with moms about their “hiccup.” Mine? My oldest child, Adriana, had hip dysplasia and was in a brace for seven months. I got through it by crying for weeks and then embracing retail therapy and buying dresses to disguise the harness… A LOT of dresses. My goal with this sit-down (possible future skype and facetime) exposé share sessions is to shed light on how each mommy’s hiccup echoes and resonates with many others who may struggle to find their magic. I hope to show how the magic is often deeply embedded in the darkness and that it can sometimes take some neon glow bands to expose it. 

Here is my most recent piece site: http://sarasadik.com/meet-jackie-read-mom-9-keeps-together/ as it’s appeared on Sassy Mama and most recently on the Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/how-a-mom-of-9-keeps-it-together_us_57665dd6e4b034ff3eef9335 

Tell us something about your life. 

My life is chaotic and I know a lot of moms and people, in general, say that but I intentionally like it that way.  I make sure it is jam-packed and that I squeeze the most out of every minute and that I try my best to savour the moment.  

Magic in Mommyhood 1

How has your life changed after kids? 

I just don’t sleep at all anymore.  And I can really function on 4 hours of sleep perfectly. I worry a lot more but also a lot less. It’s hard to explain but I’m at both extremes of the spectrum.  I guess I should rephrase that and say I worry more about the things that matter and less about the things that really don’t. 

What do u miss about your life before kids? 

All the extra free time I had.  The sleep. Honestly though?  It’s always about the sleep. Oh, and living life guilt free!  

Any mommy movies that you have seen recently? Bad Moms, Mothers day, The Room?

The Room made me sob.  I prefer the book. She won (Emma Donahue – right?) a Pulitzer for it? Love love loved it.  

How do u balance the blog and 2 kids and the bump? 

Ahem ahem…2 kids and a bump (I have no idea how I’m almost 7 months! It’s crazy!) It’s all about stealing moments and squeezing the most out of everything.  Oh, and I really live according to the Pomodoro technique where I compartmentalise things and tasks.  For instance, now I’m doing this (answering your questions…to the best that I can) and then I will go on to the next task.  It’s based on a 30-minute timer.  Google it…it’s made me so much more efficient.  I’m also present (sound so cliche but it’s true) I am never (ok rarely…unless I’m taking a pic or video) on my phone with my kids. When I’m with them I try to be with them and when I’m working my phone is silent and I’m just with my laptop in a cafe with no wifi and minimal distractions. 

Magic in Mommyhood 2

Tell us something about Beruit and Dubai and hows living there been? 

I’m blessed to have grown over all over (check out ABOUT ME on my blog) and I love my middle eastern roots. Beirut is an incredible place to visit with my kids mostly because my parents have a villa in the mountains with vegetables and flowers and all of that and the kids go absolutely crazy and stay outdoors for hours with the cat and turtle and birds and butterflies.  It’s really magical.  Coming back to Dubai has been hard.  Especially in this heat but it’s our home and it’s where our routine is.  She had her first day back at nursery today so it’s been a mixture of excitement all day and pure fatigue.  Both of those emotions always result from in….(drumroll please) …yup, you guessed it – TANTRUMS!

You look so fit, how do u do that? 

So sweet of you to say but I hide my flaws well.  And I have excellent genes from my mom. and I do Flybarre which is just down the road from where I live in Dubai. 

Magic in Mommyhood 3

Special message to moms of 2015-16-and 17? 

“Cracks are what let the light through” (Leonard Cohen said that it’s my favourite quote and a mantra I live by.  I would tell them to try and apply that to their journey of mommyhood).  So, breathe and keep perspective and know that a poopy diaper at 3 am is just that and nothing more and nothing less.  You have to find the humour and absurdity in it all…and that’s where the magic is.  

How has technology changed mommyhood? 

I am allergic to social media. It’s exhausting but I use it because I need it to grow my brand and prove that I have a following that can be translated into book sales…eventually! Actually, this is how I feel about it: http://sarasadik.com/dear-social-media-six-phenomena-i-hate-about-you/ 

Any books that you have seen in recent times. 

We were in Greece over the summer and I read ‘the girl on the train’ in about two days so addictive. I’m now starting pretty girls.  

Special message and anything that u wanna add on? 

Just that as moms we forget that it’s really okay and NORMAL to feel guilty about whatever and we’re expected to have moments of impatience and doubt and worry and stress and overwhelming love.  It’s what makes this entire journey so worth it and exciting.  You don’t know what tomorrow will bring so enjoy today…enjoy the cracks that let the light through and hang on to your sense of humour because THAT is what finding the magic is all about.

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