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Experience the Tea Movement- with Mitali & Ruhani

Ruhani Tea Movement
Ruhani Tea Movement

When anyone posts something about…Mommyhood and Coffee going hand in hand, I correct them…. I say…”Yes, that may be true for the west but here in India, Mommy and Tea goes hand in hand” The first thing that I do after getting up is to have tea and while this may be true for many mommies, I rarely come across people who are ready to boast about having Tea. This is when I got chatting with Ruhani on Twitter and the Twitter conversation slowly moved to a phone call and then into an interview.

Read the below expert to know more about Ruhani and her Tea movement, mommies… I gotta tell you it’s my tea movement too!

Ruhani Tea Movement 1 

SuperMOM asks…Ruhani tell us something about Tea that we don’t know! 

 Ruhani says…If I told you that the tea industry is as big as Google, I wouldn’t be joking. In India, more than 98% tea drinkers drink typical milk tea. Although the increase of awareness is making people switch to green tea in a massive way, people are yet not drinking right. Not many know that the health benefits we read about tea are based on standard tea leaf grade and not tea bags.

Globally our fine speciality teas are highly valued and are very popular in Japan, Russia, Europe and America. But sadly we don’t get to see this segment in the domestic market. We aim to promote an advance tea drinking culture with Rangsaa’s premium tea blends and tisanes. For me, it is a global tea movement, where more and more people are switching to premium teas as a healthy substitute for a better life and are going beyond their usual cup of tea. Tea is a lifestyle. I wanted to create a unique healthy solution that encourages people to look at tea differently. Something that is 100% natural with zero artificial flavouring and with no chemicals. A pure blend of powerful herbs and spices which is healing, delicious and finds it way in cooking and drinking substitutes.

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SuperMOM asks…..How did your journey begin? 

Ruhani says………I remember watching the iconic “Wah Taj” advertisement on DD National, where Zakir Hussain, the tabla maestro, endorses tea at Taj Mahal. A scene in a typical Indian household where mornings begin with the conventional milk chai. This is my first childhood memory of tea too. Many of us are still loyal desi milk chai fans.

My real tea journey began when I moved to the US for higher studies. Much of my passion for tea is credited to my Chinese roommate, who often took me to tea ceremonies across New York. The simplicity and spirituality associated with tea intrigued me and changed my perception towards it.

Years later I partnered with my school friend and designed a tea menu for his start-up concept on tea cafe called ‘Chaayos’. I started my blog ‘Love for Tea’ (www.loveforteas.com) to share my journey and stories. Creating Rangsaa was a mammoth task and I have a long way to go.


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SuperMOM asks…..What makes tea an attractive industry?  

Ruhani says…… Global trends point out that coffee and aerated beverage drinkers are now switching to tea as a healthy substitute. Companies like Coca-Cola and Starbucks have started offering tea-based drinks to win over a growing base of health-conscious consumers, a micro-segment willing to pay a premium for quality.

Rangsaa caters to this rapidly growing micro-premium consumer segment. We are on a mission to bring a change and encourage right tea drinking culture. Our blends are crafted keeping in mind the hectic lifestyle of a modern tea drinker and rediscovering the healing power of rare Indian herbs and spices unique to our region. The combination is magical.

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SuperMOM asks…..How did the conception of Rangsaa take place? 

Ruhani says………After three years of research, we collaborated with expert Tea masters and created our unique Rangsaa recipes. Rangsaa blends and tisanes are the results of a precise selection of evocative herbs and spices with proven health benefits designed for the modern tea consumer. We aim to create an exquisite tea drinking experience for tea lovers globally.

Tea pluckers at plantations are mostly women, suffering social exploitation, trafficking and poor health due to a lack of education and financial constraints. Such experiences prompted me to ask – How could we create a quality product and also help the small farmers?

Such experiences prompted me to ask – How could we create a quality product and also help the small farmers? Having realised a gap in the market for healthy, 100% all-natural tea, we decided to create delicious blends loaded with pure, unadulterated power. And so Rangsaa was born.


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SuperMOM asks…..What is Rangsaa? 

Ruhani says………We created Rangsaa to set off a revolution aimed at promoting advanced and modern tea drinking culture. With all-natural ingredients curated to transform and energize, Rangsaa is all about complex and novel layers and undertones. Our blends are multi-versatile and find their use in food, drinks and healthy cocktails. Rangsaa is on a mission to change how people in India look at tea.

Rangsaa I would like to believe is the ultimate destination for all tea lovers. We excel in providing a luxuriant tea experience through our six blends, each one with a purpose promising a tea experience like never before. A fresh concept in the traditionally orthodox tea industry, Rangsaa is a wellness movement to improve and change people’s perception about tea.

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SuperMOM asks…..What makes Rangasaa unique? 

Ruhani says……… At Rangsaa, we use all-natural ingredients that bring out distinctive layers of aromas and flavours. Free from artificial ingredients, our blends have exquisite detailing in terms of taste, aroma, colour and experience. Rangsaa aims at cultivating advanced and modern tea drinkers.


We think of these customers as people who want a better product than supermarket tea but aren’t interested in the details. We see a huge opportunity to turn people into tea drinkers. If we offer smaller menus with fewer friction points, I believe we can build a larger speciality tea industry. We want people to look at tea differently. After all, it’s the second most consumed drink after water.



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SuperMOM asks…..What can we do to share our Tea journeys with others? 

Ruhani says………Tea is meant to be shared. Even with those who are unfamiliar with the concept or aromatic depths of flavours it can take one to. We want people to share Rangsaa and pass on the love – introduce a tea lover to Rangsaa. Share it if you love it, is our mantra. Our packaging is designed to give you the luxuriant Rangsaa experience. All our boxes have two pouches, red to induce and white to introduce.


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Ruhani is really a darling and a great gal to chat with. Though Ruhani and I spoke a few months back, I delayed writing the blog due to time constraints and yet she replied instantly without any thoughts in her mind.

We wish her all the best for the ‘TEA MOVEMENT’ and as I always say……

Keep on Rocking mommies!!!

SuperMOM Mitali