Esha Deol gets a Surprise Baby Shower

Esha Deol gets a Surprise Baby Shower from her baby sister Ahana Deol who is already a SuperMOMMY.

The Actress Esha Deol and her Husband Bharat Takhtani are really on a roll in cloud 9 and seem to be really happy with the arrival of their bundle of joy.

We have all seen awesome pics of Esha who got married again to Bharat as a part of the traditional Indian ceremony known as Godh Bharai and this time it was her sister Ahana Deol who decided to surprise her with a fun baby shower which was held yesterday.

AWW…..we love the baby bunnies and the awesome chemistry between the couple.

Esha we know that you are going to be a SuperMOM and we wish you all the very best for welcoming the baby.


Keep on Rocking

SuperMOM Mitali

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