Decode Your Cravings !!!

Time to decode your cravings! After declaring the fact that you are Pregnant, The first thing, anyone, you know will ask you is what are you craving for??? Isn’t that right? While the statistics maintain that only 10% of ladies experience pregnancy cravings for healthy food items like fruits and veggies 90% of expecting mommies only crave for highly loaded sugary or oily food items categorized into junk. So let’s dive into the article and categorize this into different types of cravings and how to face them successfully.

Three types of Cravings are…

Stomach Craving – When your stomach really craves for food….

Heart Craving- When your wish to eat something like a Doughnut or Samosa.

Mouth Craving- When the sensation of a particular item excites your mouth. Like the crispness of potato chips or the gooeyness of a jalebi or gulab jamun.

We, humans, tend to associate food with emotions and more particular situations and hence have chosen our very own versions of ‘Comfort Foods’. Like you have developed a habit of reaching for the biscuit at the end of the boring day at work or Saturdays are meant for Junk food and a Chinese takeout.

So our emotions play a huge role in what we choose to eat and when
 we are going through a hormonal change now that you are pregnant!

You might notice that these cravings are random and very strong but let us learn how to tackle them and not give in very easily. After all, we can play mind games with our body and trick them into eating healthy.

How to really manage the urge in 3 Steps!!

Analyse the feeling – Now that you are suddenly craving for a burger or a vada pav out of nowhere, close your eyes and think what is the sensation that your mouth is trying to crave and your heart is trying to desire. Is it the hot and crispy feeling or the taste or the feel of the particular food item in your mouth? Once you realise that you don’t really want to eat the food item or the aftertaste of the stuff is really dull then the craving will ease. If not then you can indulge in the food item and do not think about the calories just enjoy the food (Remember you are Pregnant!) and if you are craving for something healthy then don’t even think twice.

Tweak your treat- Once you realise that you are craving for something sweet and cold which is maybe an ice cream, you can tweak your treat to make it healthy and go in for a yoghurt. After all your life is determined by all the healthy choices you make.

Distract your mind- If you find yourself craving for something too often then the best way would be to distract your mind by going for a walk, shopping or place a call to the friend whom you were meaning to call since a long time. Distraction is often known to ease the strongest of the cravings!

I hope this article will help you ease your cravings and place you in a position of comfort.

Till then…

Keep on decoding your cravings.


SuperMOM Mitali