Subarna Ghosh had a flourishing career as a Journalist, it so happened that she was asked to record mother and baby stories and she indeed recorded a staggering number of Birth Stories of women across India. This really sparked her interest in this very subject and she finally decided to give her career as a Journalist a break and set out to do a PG in Women’s Reproductive Health,

Subarna also volunteered to organise the global conference on Human Rights in Childbirth and a paper on ‘Politics of Being Unheard- Women’s experiences during Birth’. She started a petition on that a rule is passed by the government for all hospitals to declare the number of Caesarean deliveries. She coined the trending hashtag #SafeBirth. Let’s hear it from Subarna as to what exactly set in motion her stance on registering C-Sec deliveries and why.

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Subarna, Why did you come up with this petition? 

“India’s C-section rate is growing exponentially. The fact that private hospitals have a much higher rate of C-sections than public hospitals has a direct correlation to the fact that surgical deliveries cost so much more than normal ones in these facilities.”

Subarna emphasises “Mitali…now that you are expecting, if you go to your Gynac and ask them in the last 3 months, how many C-Sec deliveries have you performed as compared to the natural birth, you won’t be able to find the data.”

That’s why I, with the support of the NGO Birth India, started this petition asking the Women and Child Development ministry to issue an advisory to the Medical Council of India to

  • Make it mandatory for all doctors and hospitals to declare the percentage of Caesarean delivery rates to patients.
  • Conduct enquiry against those with abnormally high C-section rate.
  • Frame clear guidelines for conducting Caesarean to safeguard the health and rights of women and children

Are the number of C-Sec deliveries high in India? 

Yes, they are…..Chandigarh has 98% rate of C-Sec, Tamil Nadu has 58% whereas Telangana has 74.8% and Maharashtra has a staggering 50% this is according to a report by the ICMR School of Public Health.

What does this indicate? Subarna asks us…..This is slowly leading to a rising maternal mortality rate and we are somewhat falling into a trap which the USA is privy to.

Mitali- What does that mean? 

Subarna- This means that USA has always been a progressive nation, they have been doing C-Sec deliveries much before than us and more frequently in the past than India, yet the Maternal Mortality rate there is on a big-time high.

Mitali- Oh yes…I remember, Connie from WhatsUpMoms passed away in USA after the birth of her second kid and the reason given was a complicated C-Sec delivery. I was really shocked to hear this happened in the US.


“This is what I am trying to say…research now indicated that higher medical intervention or rather infiltration results in higher mortality.”

So what is the future if women just ask the doc to cut themselves up without even questioning the doctor or even decide that a C-Sec is a much faster option? It is really sad to know that women are being ignorant about their own Maternal health. Haven’t we women been bestowed upon this gift to bear a child? What did our ancestors do? They gave birth in Jungles and in a natural way. All of us women are equipped to do that and I think its high time that we move back to basics.

What about the Healthcare Industry in India? 

Forget the Healthcare Industry in India but the global healthcare industry is falling into a debt due to high medical costs. We are at such a stage not only in India but the world that we should aim at making healthcare affordable to each and everyone rather than just increasing the costs of any procedure.

“Look at Nepal…where the high-risk mothers are treated separately and the low-risk mothers are treated separately.”

Do you think that it is the mother’s fault that C-Sec deliveries are increasing in India? 

“It is the societies fault that the C-Sec deliveries are treated as the new normal. There is some kind of a fear psychosis related to a normal delivery whereas a woman should always emphasise on the normal delivery. This can be solved when women from an early age are made to understand what a delivery is and what all is involved.”

What do you think is the future? 

I head the NGO ReRight Foundation that aims to ensure there’s #nowomanunheard. I also support Safe Birth and I am a part of the state commission if India who is looking into making the data associated with C-Sec deliveries mandatory. Maneka Gandhi supports us as well and I am sure we shall be able to bring a big change very soon.

What about Surrogacy? 

OMG…that is a totally different topic altogether, I support Adoption and have an adopted baby girl for my 2nd daughter.

I hope reading this has really shed light on this grave matter which concerns our Future and the future of all our daughters of India. Do participate by signing THIS petition mommies.

Till then…

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SuperMOM Mitali