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Daily Commute and Travel during Pregnancy- India Edition


Planning the daily commute and travel during pregnancy is very important.The first time I was expecting, I wasn’t worried about anything much, not my health, nor the fitness levels or the babies health than I was worried about my daily commute. I am a Mumbai based mommy and hence travelling for long hours was a part of my life, the long hours were just fine but the bumpy roads were not. Hence I tried a variety of things to cut down the bumpy travel and guess what it really worked….Presenting some tips for Travelling in India while you are pregnant, If you are a working mommy then I guess these will be really useful for you and if not, I am sure all you stay at home mommies shall be happy travelling as well.

Train travel is good 

Local Trains: If you are a Mumbai based mom, Train can be a huge part of your daily commute. As Mumbai local trains are generally very crowded, using a First Class pass and spending those extra bucks can be really worth it. After buying the first-class pass, I am sure you may not notice much difference in the crowd, especially at peak times hence it will really be a good idea to go to the station like 20 minutes earlier than your usual time and generally pick a train starting from your station, both while going and coming back so that you get enough space to sit, otherwise you do not need to worry at all

Metro Trains: Now while the metro and the monorail network is soon going to be a part of every urban city, all you pregnant mommies will have all the luxury of travelling in an air-conditioned comfortable transport vehicle. The only thing to take into consideration before hopping on a metro train or a monorail is that you exactly know which is the station that you are supposed to get off at because unlike local trains, the stations are not very spaced out and the doors tend to close only after 15 seconds. Also, please wear comfortable footwear because you may need to walk the long platforms both before and after.

Bus Travel can be avoided

Any kind of road travel is safe but with the bumpy roads and heat and dust and the wait for the bus making it exhausting to travel, Bus Travel can be avoided during pregnancy.  If you seem to be especially keen to take a Bus, boarding a bus from the starting point seems to be the greatest option possible. Try to find a seat in the middle of the bus. Staying in the middle may keep you safer in the unlikely event of a crash. It’s best not to stand in a moving bus. Besides losing balance and falling down, there is the risk of being accidentally pushed by another passenger. Most buses have a separate section for women travellers. If you still can’t find a seat, don’t be shy to ask someone else for their seat. Or ask the bus conductor to help you out. Also, you can avoid travelling in peak hours and carry some water and snacks and some plastic bags if the motion sickness suddenly tries to hit you.

OLA and UBER is a great option

Back in 2013 when I was expecting my first baby, the advent of Ola and Uber hadn’t hit the town but now all you lucky to be mommies can experience the comfort of travelling in your personal rented vehicle or a chauffeur driven car. While sitting in the vehicle just ask the driver to be careful while driving through some speed breakers, bumps and potholes and your commute seems sorted.

Avoid Auto Rickshaws

Avoiding auto rickshaws especially in the first trimester is a great way to ensure that you and the baby are safe.  Rickshaws have only tyres and they are very small and rickety. Hence you may experience a normal road to be very bumpy…If you have to travel by an auto rickshaw, make sure that the driver knows you are pregnant and it is only for s short distance.

Driving your own Vehicle

I do not know how to drive but for all you moms who drive their own cars, I am sure driving during pregnancy is allowed but….do ask your gynac before you drive and mommies who are bikers, do give those two-wheelers some rest for a good one year.

I hope this article was of great use to all the expecting moms who are struggling with their travel voes and can use some of the tried and tested tips that I have cited in the article.

Keep on travelling safely!


SuperMOM Mitali