Math can be a daunting subject if the foundations are not set right.

 We have heard this from many students that they find this subject increasingly tricky, struggle with it, and score low in the subject. You are not the only parent in the world who has been wondering if the kid will ever score an A+ in the subject and emerge as a winner. 

One of the most common complaints you hear as a parent of a kid who dislikes math is that it is too complicated or that they are not smart enough. Children can alter their career choices when it comes to performing well in Math. 

Sadly, this belief can severely impact any child’s success in mathematics and even in life. Hence it is important to know the causes which make the kid struggle in Math. 

Lacking building blocks

As mentioned earlier, math is cumulative — so learning and understanding the basics is a must. If a child falls behind in one area due to a lack of understanding, moving on to more advanced topics will remain a challenge.

For example, if a child won’t understand the foundational knowledge of addition, it will be tough for them to grasp the concept of multiplication.

Math anxiety

Amid hardship, it is easy to feel as though we are the only ones going through a particular problem. For parents of a child struggling with math, it is no different. And while alarming, we hope parents everywhere find comfort in knowing their child is not the only one who may experience anxiety when it comes to math.

A feeling of tension and anxiety interferes with the manipulation of numbers and the solving of mathematical problems in a wide variety of ordinary life and academic situations.

Learning difficulties

There are numerous mathematics learning disabilities, including one of the more common ones: dyscalculia. Other names for it include math or number dyslexia.

While various factors will be involved— such as one’s growth, environment, genetic makeup, or injury — how the symptoms display will vary slightly, as no two children are the same.

How can CueMath help? 

CueMath can help the students because they aim at teaching math the right way! 

At CueMath, We expose children to a learning system that enables and encourages them to think the Why behind the What of math concepts. 

  1. Visualizing concepts from different points of view
  1. Building their mental models and algorithms
  1. Developing logical reasoning by finding multiple answers
  2. Applying math in everyday thinking and problem solving

What is Cuemath?

Cuemath is a brilliantly designed learning platform for kids that primarily caters to mathematics. This learning program focuses on Kindergarten to Grade 10. The teaching method of Cuemath empowers children to learn mathematics via reasoning and visualization.

  • Curriculum designed by IITians and Cambridge University professionals.
  • Personalized learning platform for students
  • Visual and conceptual learning
  • Topic-wise practice and mock tests
  • Instant doubt clearing by an expert teacher
  • Trained and certified teachers
  • 1:6 (teacher to student ratio) batch size of each class for proper attention.
  • The curriculum is designed and alighted with the school syllabus.

Why Cuemath?

 Cuemath is India’s No. 1 math learning program which is based on the concept of visual and practical learning. The teachers focus on accurate learning, critical thinking, and building speed. 

We live in a pandemic ridden world, we fear for the lives of our kids and hence are wary of sending them to physical classes. This is where Cuemath comes in. Cuemath offers Live & Interactive classes where a teacher is always present to ensure better learning for children of Class 1 to 10. They can understand and address all their doubts in the class itself. It’s not just a Video-based app, rather it makes sure that kids learn in a classroom like environment but from home

  • Access to more than 180 Specially designed workbooks to strengthen math concepts
  • Creative 15+ math manipulatives to visualize math concepts better
  • 500+ intriguing puzzle cards to make logical and reasoning skills understandable
  • More than 150 fun tab-based math activities to increase speed and accuracy
  • 5000+ centres across India
  • Personalized mathematic classes for child

 Cuemath Variants Based on the Grades…



 Kindergarten to 6th Grade

This is an offline class taken by certified Cuemath teachers. The classes are taken across India at Cuemath centres and encourage the child to build their own mental mathematics learning model.

*Due to the recent pandemic and lockdown conditions all classes are being conducted online*

 7th to 10th Grade

 Online classes are conducted by certified Cuemath teachers to prepare the child for competitive exams. The students are prepared to outperform and participate in International Math Olympiad. In addition to it, Cuemath teachers ensure the child excels in math at school and have a 2-time increase in logical reasoning and skills. All this is accomplished by encouraging children to analyze and learn algorithms and calculating techniques.

Percentage-wise increase in performance of X number of students with Cuemath (Pre Cuemath v/s Post Cuemath development)(we’ll provide this info).

 Last but not least! Let’s have a look at the Testimonials by CueMath parents → 

Testimonial 1

Pranav has been part of Cuemath for the last 4 years. From not liking math at all to becoming a class topper in the subject, his journey has been amazing. I am sure he is ready to ace competitive exams as well


Pranav’s Father, Grade 10, Chennai

Testimonial 2

Aditi hated maths because of all the formulas she needed to memorise. With Cuemath she didn’t need to memorise any formulas because she understood them conceptually. Within 3 months she showed drastic improvements and is now ready to ace the board exams


Aditi’s mother, Grade 10, New Delhi

Testimonial 3

The  3D simulations of math concepts and simple visualisations of math problems gave me an extra edge in class. I was answering questions before the teacher finished explaining the problem


Class 10, Ahmedabad


Keep on Studying…

SuperMOM Mitali