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Cooked by MOMS: Dhansak Dal with Brown Rice


Have you ever wondered how to make some mouth-watering Parsi cuisine? Let’s learn it from one of the moms from Cooked by MOMS…Poornima Ganjawala




Dhansak Dal with Brown Rice: 

4/5 portions:


1 ½  cup toor dal
1 cup of diced pumpkin
1 cup methi (fenugreek) leaves
2 tbsp tamarind concentrate
1/2 cup jaggery (goor)
2 tbsp coriander leaves with stalks
2 tbsp chopped mint

Wet masala:
2 inch cinnamon stick
6 cardamom pods
5 cloves
2 tsp cumin seeds
10 black peppercorns
1 tsp coriander seeds
8 dried red chilies
1tsp chopped ginger
10 cloves garlic
1 cup chopped fresh coriander leaves and stalks

3 tsp oil
500 g chicken pieces (with bone)
1 cup water
chopped coriander and mint to garnish


  1. Pressure cook washed toor dal.  Let it cool a bit and then puree it with a hand blender.
  2. Prepare wet masala by roasting everything in a pan for 3-4 mins except fresh coriander
  3. Remove and grind in a mixer with the coriander leaves and some water to make a paste.
  4. Roast the dry masala spices separately and grind in a dry grinder.
  5. Heat oil and cook chicken – saute on high heat for around 10-12 minutes
    After the chicken is browned and all the juices are sealed, add wet masala and cook 2-3 mins
    Add water and cook on medium heat for 30-40 mins
    Add the dal mixture and dry masala and cook another 30 mins on low heat, or until chicken is done.

Brown rice:  6 portions


2.5 cups rice

2.5 tbsps sugar or a small chunk of jaggery

2 sticks of cinnamon

3 -4 bay leaves

4 -5 pods of cardamom

2 tsp jeera

5 – 6 cloves

some oil for frying

salt to taste and water


  1. Grind all the spices together.
  2. Add oil to a frying pan and fry the sugar along with 1/4th cup rice.
  3. When the sugar carmelizes imparting a reddish brown color to the rice, add in the masala, remaining rice and at least 5 cups of water. Let the water boil and the rice cook.
  4. After about 15 – 20 mins, check to see if the rice is cooked. Drain out the water in a colander and serve hot with Dhansak dal.

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