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In conversation with Zaaria Patni on passport rights for Single Mothers


In the wee hours of the morning, while glancing through Facebook, I noticed on my timeline that someone had posted about being a single mother and that she could now apply for her kids’ passport. Something made me get up from my bed, throw the phone away and get my MacBook from the hall (Trust me this is a big step while I am almost 28 weeks pregnant) 

What? Could single moms in India not apply for a kids 
passport till date?

I began researching and someone connected me to Zaaria who I think is the most amazing, beautiful and cool SuperMOM who has the soul of an angel. She works with her father and handles his logistics business and also is an amazing photographer working with the uber chic and multi famous blog House of MISU which is run by her sister and sisters friend. (I love them for the simplicity of the story told via great photos. Big fan) 

So we got connected to Zaaria and began chatting…Read on to know more….

So Zaaria tell me, what exactly happened? Were you denied the passport?

Ohhh yes….I am a single mom to a 10-year-old boy and you tell me who does not like to travel? We all do and so does my son.

Everyone in my family travelled abroad and they used to meet us 
and tell all about the kind of fun they had. 
Even I have a passport right??? 
So I could travel anywhere in the world but 
something didn't feel right to travel alone 
and see the world while my Son who had done nothing wrong had to be 
confined to Indian Borders.

I applied for the passport but without my ex-husband’s NOC I was not able to get a passport for my son and my EX-was not so co-operative to send us one so my son was denied any passport.

So he could never have a passport through his life?

As in….he was denied a passport as a minor, after turning 18 i.e an adult, he could apply for one without involving anyone.

So then what did you do?

I didn’t want to fight a court case, so I applied my petition on Change.org, you can read the same here….


Then did any change take place?

Loads of people supported me, My friends, relatives, friends and relatives from abroad like Canada, UK, USA and other places began reposting it and many leading websites started featuring my story. Soon we garnered 97,000 supporters as I was fighting for a genuine cause.

“I got my boys passport last year and even have travelled abroad since then and will do it again soon.”

Do you know anything about the recent passport case involving a single mom?

Yeah…I guess she does not want her estranged husband’s name on the passport at all. That is a different case but a great stance.

Anything you would like to add?

The Internet is a great place, in fact, I am so happy I took this 
stance and because of me so many rules have been formed and 
I have been made as an example and basis for many court struggles. 
I would like to thank everyone who has supported me.


Thanks a lot Zaaria for this frank interview with us.  I am sure many moms have benefitted by this struggle,

I am sure I am going to make a mini-series on you 
named as...."Tu meri beti hai" If someone does not copy 
it first!(wink-wink)

I hope you have loved reading this interview as well.

Stay tuned for more such features.

Keep on Rocking SuperMOMS…


SuperMOM Mitali