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Choosing the right baby carrier


Choosing the right baby carrier

We live in an age now where women are working shoulder to shoulder with men handling major positions like CEO, Vice-president etc. Whether we are single or married, we have proven that we are ahead of all. So why should motherhood put everything behind?

In this journey of motherhood, there is surely one thing that in some way has been every mother’s support, not just in recent times but since ancient ages. Yes, I am talking about babywearing but only with Ergonomic carriers…These days we have a lot more carrier options. They are available in different styles and colors too. Plus…there is a carrier for every budget.

But what should you consider before buying a baby carrier:

  1. How long do you plan to use it? Will, it only be for the first six months or you plan to use it till your child is at least 1 or 1.5 years old
  2. Who will be using it primarily? Will be only one of the parent or both the parents. 
  3. Do you want to stick to just one carrier depending upon your child’s growth stages?
  4. What’s your budget like? you can get different variations in your budget too.

There are different types of carriers which are available with our Babywearing partners Soul who are by far Indias best Ergonomic carriers. Let us go through each one of them…

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This festive season, fall in love with the colours of the rainbow, with our most colourful Soul yet! The colours of celebration and the excitement in the air, are reflected in our latest offering to you, like no other! . . Introducing Soul’s first ever Rainbow Jacquard- Rainbow Maze! This beautiful and vibrant textile will be available in Wrap, Ring Sling, AseemA, Full Buckle (Standard & Toddler) and Onbuhimo <3 . . The Maze weave has been one of our most popular designs over the years, and we have released it in so many colours, which have all been equally popular with you all, so this festive season, we could think of none other than Maze to add that festive cheer! . . Inspired by the colours of the rainbow, and the celebratory notes of the coming few months, the Rainbow Maze is a bright, colourful, and cozy jacquard weave of 260 GSM. . . The material is cozy for the upcoming cooler months, yet, the 100% cotton fabric makes it light and breathable. . . So bring in this festive season, with a Rainbow Maze. Available at: https://in.soulslings.com

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This is where the inspiration for creating a baby carrier came from. Remember our parents and grandparents simply use to wrap and tie us close to them with the help of a soft cloth? It’s the same concept. It’s traditional and simplest of all carriers. You can adjust it the way you want. Wrap it sideways or carry your child on your back, whatever makes you comfortable. They are available in all sizes and in different fabrics like cotton and linen. From infants to toddlers, it’s comfortable for all. Initially, it does seem like a bit of a hassle since it’s difficult to wrap the baby but it’s nothing that cannot be aced with a little practice.

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Did you know that Soul Ring Slings can be used for your baby from birth till they are 15kg? . Our Ring Slings are available in a range of beautiful colours and prints. They also come in 4 sizes to suit every body type. They are made of 100% cotton and linen, which make them breathable and light. The pure natural fibres used to create our beautiful ring slings, keep both baby and caregiver cool and comfortable during the summers. If you are a nursing mom, the excess fabric can be used as a cover for added privacy while you nurse your baby in public. Also, they can be folded away easily into your bag when not in use. . . . . . #soulslingsindia #cutebabygoals #soulringslings #ringslings #hairbandlove #babycarriers #babywearing #babywearingforthewin #soulslings #summercollection2018

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Ring sling

This is nothing but inspired from the traditional wrap carrier. A pair of rings are attached at the end of a long fabric piece. The other end of the fabric threads through the ring to adjust and tighten the wrap. A pair of metal or nylon rings are securely attached to the end of a roughly two-meter-long piece of fabric. The tail end of the sling is threaded through the rings to adjust to the wearer’s body. Ring slings are available in a variety of fabrics from basic cotton to Linen with Soul. 


Meh Dai

This is the Asian style baby carrier with a fabric that has two shorter straps tied on the waist and two longer on the shoulder to perfectly adjust as per your size and the comfort of your baby. They don’t have buckles and hence can be shared with others too. These are ideal for older babies but can be used with newborns too.


Onbuhimo is a Japanese-inspired waistless buckle carrier with Perfect Fit Adjusters (PFAs) at the top of the shoulder straps. It is recommended for children who have sufficient torso control to support their heads and sit up independently. With its generously sized and contoured body panel and extendable webbing, it will fit a wide variety of body types of both adults and babies. It folds up small and is a perfect carrier to pop into your bag for a day out, offering you the flexibility of quick ups as well as comfortably padded support for longer carriers.

Buckle carriers

They are called the soft structured carriers. These are high in demand just because of the accessibility and comfort that it provides. You can place it on your back or front. It had adjustable straps and can be custom fitted for anyone who is using it. These carriers also have more to provide like sleep hood, pockets etc. It can be used from infanthood to toddlerhood. There is one for every budget and with Soul you have a choice of either going in for an Aseema or an Annona

What do I use?

I use everything depending on my and my babies mood….

I love wraps, Ring Slings, and buckle Carriers….basically I am a fan of everything babywearing!

Hope this article helps you choose the right carrier for your child. If you have more to share on this topic, write back in the comments. Always happy to hear the experiences from other mommies. Together, we grow!

Keep on Babywearing…


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