Charm ,Candor and Honesty in a cartoon? Bapu Ki Kahaniyaan on Zee5 kids is the new destination to arrive. 

Just imagine that you are a kid and your parents approve of a cartoon that you love watching, wouldn’t that be an ideal situation for you? When it comes to kids, nothing is better than teaching them with the help of Cartoons and one such cartoon that I came across recently is on Zee5 Kids app which goes by the name of Bapu ki Kahaniyaan


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Setting & Characters in the cartoon

This cartoon is set in a fictional town by the name Of Bharat nagar and here the main characters are namely Bapu who is set on our beloved Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhiji & other fellow members include Shana, His wife, Shopkeepers Teachers, Relatives, a few kids, monkeys and so on. Every episode brings in some drama and most importantly, it carries a message that kids will not only enjoy grasping but also they will


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love to immerse themselves in this world. While they do that we as parents can sit back and relax because this world of Bapu ki Kahaniyaan, comes with a moral message as well. Moral messages like… It is important to respect your guests, Stealing is not a way of life, Respecting your elders, What festivals need to be celebrated and so on are some things that today’s generation raised in a nuclear family with parents busy all the time,  assume another level of importance. 

Message in the cartoon

Let’s talk about some of the messages every episode carries. While I was just able to catch a few episodes here and there, They conveyed interesting messages like obesity, healthy eating, the importance of playing outside and not only keeping oneself glued to gadgets and so on. These messages are not only important but also are better communicated with the help of cartoon characters because they will then be registered in a child’s mind and they can also create a lasting impression on the kid which is of prime importance. 

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Animation and graphics

The animation and graphics in the story are of paramount importance here because they can quickly tell us about the makers and the time invested by them, as it reflects the quality of the content. The language of the cartoon is well like Sanjay Dutt speaks in the famous movie Munna Bhai and is really appealing to the current generation, this makes it funny as well as interesting. The point that I would like to make here is that, this cartoon comes across as a beautiful and original Indian cartoon and not a translated version of a foriegn cartoon hence being rooted well with the Indian traditions and customs. 

Summing up

Summing up the whole review about Bapu ki Kahaniyaan,I as a mother would like to say that the simplicity of this cartoon made me wanna see more and more and transformed me to the 90s era where everything had its soul in the proper place. I would like to compare this with the charm, candor and honesty serials like Malgudi days, Kila ka rahaysa and Hum panch which taught me many things as a kid which now form a part of my personality. Loved it to the core and would definitely recommend it on to my fellow mommies and their kids.