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Celebrating Halloween in India with your Preschooler


Celebrating Halloween in India with your preschooler

Celebrating Halloween in India is becoming quite a trend but should you let your kids forget the Indian festivals and decide to celebrate the cool looking festivals of the west instead? Read on to know my take on the story and the way in which I chose to deal with the same.

My daughter Renny….refused to say…Happy Diwali and chose to say Happy Halloween instead…

"WHAT???????? The festival of lights which is celebrated because 
Lord Ram returned back to Ayodhya was replaced by a day to remember 
the dead?"

My head started bursting that instant and this headache was a sign from the Hindu god frowning down upon me. I was a bad mother.

I tried to explain the importance of Diwali but this girl had her head wrapped up around Halloween because her favourite clothing store incidentally sold Halloween themed clothes and she decided to pick all of them up…again confusing Halloween with Diwali.

It was my husband who let her shop according to her will and later swapped the Halloween bag for the clothes that he chose.

The Diwali sweets were replaced by “Trick or Treat Mommy.” by her and so she kept on insisting that we ought to celebrate Halloween this year.

"Halloween is not an Indian festival baby. It's predominantly 
American." I managed to say.

This was followed by an hour-long crying and then we somehow had to give in to her device requests which played her favourite cartoons and songs on youtube, which was again about Halloween.

I had actually decided to take her to a Halloween party but did not want to add any fuel to the Halloween fire craze, because it was a little out of hand.

Every night had to be a monster bedtime story and Renny had 
even decorated a broken bottle as a pumpkin to carry the treats. 

What could I do to stop this Monster, Fairy and Scary non-sense????

I decided to play along and declared that 31st October was a Halloween and there was a party in her school…we chose to become a Fairy…as we have a Tiara and a Wand ready and we even have fairy wings…(but they tore!!!!) and we don’t really wanna be monsters…RIGHT???? (Oh gosh…I think that phase is soon gonna be here!)

All of a sudden, the Halloween madness disappeared and I realised that this was all for the madness of getting dressed in those Halloween costumes and doing something that she was watching on Youtube.

Moral of the story? Sometimes you have to be a kid to understand what 
your kid is going through and in this day and age when 
virtual friends will be the ones dominating your kid's choices 
more than the physical ones, you ought to have a global mindset.

And perhaps decide on hosting a Halloween party or whatever party your kid demands the next time around.

Thinking about it…….I would love to host one!


Keep on celebrating Halloween and Rocking


SuperMOM Mitali