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Bloggers Marathon – Mommy Special

It is a special pleasure for us to announce the Bloggers Marathon Mommy Special- Season 1 and if I am sure you will have a great time participating and engaging with us via the Marathon. 
Keep on Rocking mommies….
SuperMOM Mitali 
RULES…….?For Bloggers Marathon…Mommy special. 

1. To Participate in the Blogging Marathon, You will have to be a Blogger/Video Blogger or an Instagrammer ?  

2. To qualify for the Marathon, you will have to subscribe to the website www.supermommitali.com and Join the FB community https://www.facebook.com/groups/supermomsoftheworld/ ?
3. Each week will have a unique topic on which the selected blogger will have to Write or Video Blog or post an Insta Update with an original pic and the story. ? 
PS: Every participant only writes 1 Blog/Video/update as per designated date. 
4. As the topic is announced,? you will have to communicate the blog entry with us via Email or Chat.  
5. 5 lucky people get to participate in the Marathon per week. This marathon will last for the next 4 weeks. ? In total it will have 20 participants. 
6. Participants will be announced via the FB Community and the website with proper dates and topics and will be treated as ‘Stars of the week’. ?
7. Participants will have to add their audience to the FB Community (Min 10) After posting their blogs/videos/ Insta Updates. ?
8. Participants will always post a blog/video or Insta update on their own platform but will provide a link to the Blogging Marathon Page(http://supermommitali.com/category/bloggers-marathon/) and share it on the Community and their SM channels as well. ?
9. In the end, The Participant will continue the loop by nominating their fellow friend blogger/video blogger or Instagrammer to the Marathon. (This will be just a nomination and may or may not result in any confirmation) ?
10. Every week the best blog will be featured on the website with a backlink to their own blog. (Helping in cross promotions) ?
The best blogger then may also choose to engage with us via an FB LIVE session. ?