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Birthday party for a one year old – The Low Key Version


I have been to a lot of birthday parties since my daughter Renny was born, but I always found these kiddo birthday parties to be a family affair or more of a get-together and the fact that the 1-year-old kid is in no position to remember got me thinking…..How can we actually plan a Birthday party for the one-year-old kiddo and actually have fun?

What we actually did for my daughters birthday was very cute, we booked a table in a 5-star hotel and only the immediate family members were invited, we followed this up with a family vacation and clicked a lot of pics.

Also, i was lucky enough to be invited to a friends birthday party where we mommies bonded over some wine and cakes. There was a professional entertainer called over to take care of the kids, who played while we mommies caught up.

We found these 2 approaches much better than a birthday party at an indoor play area, where no one gets a chance talk to each other because of the loud music or running behind kids or a traditional birthday party where the mommy who is already sleep deprived has to work very hard and entertain the guests followed by the housework and cleaning that follows.

So I suggest if you have a one-year-old and are planning a party very soon keep these points in mind mentioned in the slideshow.



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