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Birth Stories- How I became a mother…


When is the exact moment that we become a mom? Is it when we conceive or the moment when our baby is born? Or does this dawn upon us after we start seeing changes in our behavior and realize…” oh wow is that me?” That is why this mothers day we are bringing you some real birth stories of moms across India and abroad and how they become real moms.

Birth Story 1- Aishwarya Sandeep

Aishwarya Sandeep narrates that she had already crossed her due date and everyone in her family had started to worry, they then visited the doctor and they observed that the fetal weight and moms weight both were constantly increasing. This had led to the conclusion by the Gynecologist that it will have to be an emergency C section. Aishwarya further even told us that she was scared, she was scared of giving birth…normally as well as with a C-Section because she had read too much about the same. Books, Videos, interviews, she had even gone ahead and seen the procedure That means she had stopped at nothing. This had increased her fear and made her really nervous and Aishwarya felt like running away when the doctor was injecting her with anesthesia. Eventually, in the end, everything was perfect and her perfectly healthy boy was born.

About Aishwarya- Aishwarya is a practicing Advocate, Law Professor, Blogger, and Vlogger. She has published her first Legal Fiction. She also has her own YouTube Channel ‘Aishwarya Breaking Stereotype’, which aims to break stereotypes with respect to Law. 

Birth Story 2- Unto US a slave is born

The below imagery represents what Tampa Birth Photography calls “UNTO US A SLAVE IS BORN” This highlights the fact that even slaves gave birth and were perfectly capable of nurturing healthy babies. Read on to know more…

UNTO US A SLAVE IS BORN"…Did you know that finding imagery of birth of slaves is basically nonexistent?What do we…

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Birth Story 3- Giving birth to Triplets

Monika and Katie (Names Changed) were together for almost 3 years and wanted to become mothers but…until the law in the USA was passed that lesbian marriages were deemed legal, they never ever thought that their dream of becoming mothers could turn into reality. Once that was done, both of them decided that they would raise 2 happy kids and would both take turns in delivering the baby. Monika and Katie narrate that they both wanted to conceive and had mutually respected this decision. They had even shortlisted two separate donors to be the birth fathers and they both seemed really confident. “No jealousy ever crept in between us as we both knew that this was going to be an artificial insemination with no contact with the donor whatsoever. We were clear and we both only loved each other since high school.” But…what followed was something no one had ever expected. When Monika tested for the procedure, it was observed that her ovaries produced eggs but would not be able to meet with the sperm and form a baby because of a genetic mutation. Monika was sad but Katie tested positive and even conceived triplets in their second round of artificial insemination. Katie narrates that Monika never expressed any kind of negative feelings ever and she has been the best wife and a mommy ever. Katie delivered the babies via C-Section at 7 months, which is generally the case with most of the triplets but had perfectly healthy babies. Katie and Monika are blessed with 2 Daughters and a Son and believe that they have a perfect family.

Birth Story 4

Parminder narrates that she has 2 babies and two very different birth stories. During the first one, she went into false labor and hence was admitted to the hospital 30-36 hours before the baby was due. Parminder was in a lot of pain and hence C-Sec was opted for. Having spent so much time in labor and false labor combined, Parminder was scared but relieved to get the procedure done and over with. Finally after the procedure her son was born and happiness knew no limits. Her second pregnancy was very painful and troublesome experience…Parminder had pain, Morning sickness, Nausea and she was even bedridden post the 6th Month. Parminder knew that this is going to be a C-Section for sure but was mentally very happy and even kept herself active with Yoga. Finally, when her daughter was born, Parminder felt that a boy and a girl have completed the family.

About Parminder- Parminder is a Banker, Engineer, Blogger and also is the author of the book From ‘Monkeying to Parenting’ where she says that parenting should be a separate chapter in every person’s life. 

Sharing some more images which capture the birthing process with such great emotions.

Birth can be a family affair. Also, the afterbirth painting the water is so beautiful to me.#homebirth #waterbirth #whynothome #tampabay #lakeland #birth

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