Breastfeeding is the most important part of raising a healthy and happy child and hence what you eat is what your child gets via the breastmilk, Now that I am a lactating mommy, these are all the tried and tested foods that I am having to ensure that my daughter is well fed but…for new moms, the experience of breastfeeding is an out of the world feeling. All the new moms must know that it’s the first source of intimacy between a mom and her child; it even strengthens the mother-infant bond.

However, breastfeeding for few mommies can be unsettling, if they feel they aren’t producing enough milk for their child. But you know what? Nature has a way of solving everything, so all you need to do is eat these foods to boost your breast milk.

Foods to consume for improving lactation!


Barley consists of beta-glucan, a component which is said to increase the breastfeeding hormone prolactin. So, one can eat barley soups, rotis, stews or risottos for keeping your breast health intact.

Fenugreek and fennel seeds (Methi)

Both these seeds contain phytoestrogens which increase the production of estrogen and facilitate lactation in new mothers.

You can, thus, have these seeds raw, but if that disagrees with your taste buds, try having them as a laddoo or add them in a Kheer.

Green leafy vegetables

Spinach, kale and fenugreek leaves have antioxidants, iron, folate, and vitamins like beta-carotene which boost breast milk supply. Apart from this, it’ll keep your skin glowing and soft.

For notable results, I would suggest eating at least 3-4 portions of leafy greens daily. This will not only help with the breast milk but aid in building your baby’s tissues and skin too.

Watercress Seeds/ Aliv/ Halim

Watercress seeds help in producing breast milk; and are considered to be an active source of Iron and other vitamins.

Click to know the Recipe here. 

[Tip: Just restrict yourself to having one Ladoo or couple of tablespoons of the seeds mixture as they are heat producing and be mindful to have lukewarm milk post this to avoid heat boils and other things.]

Shatavari, or Asparagus racemosus

Shatavari, or Asparagus racemosus, has been used for centuries in Ayurveda to support the reproductive system and is excellent to produce breast milk.

Shatavari can be taken as a powder, in a tablet form, or as a liquid extract.  I would recommend Satavarex which I have personally consumed with excellent results while breastfeeding both my kids.


Not only are these excellent sources of protein but pulses like masoor dal are said to improve breast milk production too.


These dietary fibers contain high doses of beta-glucan which stimulate breast milk production. Apart from this, oats tame down cravings and hunger pangs due to their fulfilling nature.

Have oats with milk and assorted fruits or you can try making oats honey pancakes for a healthy and tasty breakfast.


Be your Child’s Bugs’ Bunny! Carrot is another excellent source of beta-carotene, which is in high demand especially when you’re lactating. Additionally, the carrot is an excellent source of healthy carbohydrates and potassium which will keep young mommas fit and aid in losing extra baby fat.

Eggs and Fish 

Eggs are fish could be a good choice while breastfeeding, since eggs are loaded with many health benefits. Just be safe to just have the type of fish good in your particular state and the climate.

So, with these easily available ingredients, don’t chase for medication to enhance your breast milk. Just eat healthily and avoid overindulging in fat-filled foods.

You can also opt for ginger, nuts, sesame seeds, etc. for boosting lactation. Most importantly, remember to sleep enough and drink frequent glasses of water.

Here’s another tip: When you’re lactating, avoid being stressed and try to keep yourself as relaxed as possible. Stress can often lead to hampering breast milk production. So, keep a positive ambiance around you and enjoy time with your little one. Good luck!