Becoming a MOM and now Becoming a SuperMOM

Becoming a MOM and now Becoming a SuperMOM

Everyone eventually becomes a mom in India. This is not me but the stats speaking. Yeah! I am talking about the same…(In India a baby is born every 10 seconds) but i am not talking about that i am talking about my Youtube channel and just not in a pompous, brash and advertising/ promoting kinda way, i am talking about the reason behind the same. The reason was………

1.To do something on Youtube – I started my own company, this was something i always wanted to do. After Renny(My daughter) this was the second baby i delivered almost within 9 months after Renny. This company is known as Ping Digital Media and it is a Youtube Production House. Pranjali my sister was the first Youtuber and i was the second. We started experimentation on me and that is how this channel was born (Ohh my 3rd baby)

2. To educate people-  I always thought, India lacks a mommy who will educate other moms in not a prechy but a fun and interesting way. I studied a lot of other Youtube channels and found that this is what we can do but the desy way! To tell you guys, whatsupmoms is my favourite  mommy channel and i wish to do what they have created!

3. To do crazy things- All creative people are crazy? Yeah and No! We are a crazy bunch of people who want to show everyone that motherhood can not only be easy but also fun and interesting and ya cool.

So we try and shoot a lot of videos involving my daughter Renny and this is a lot of fun.

Becoming a MOM and now Becoming a SuperMOM 1

Becoming a MOM and now Becoming a SuperMOM 2

This is us at Ping Digital and we are trying to get a perfect shot by making Renny laugh. Becoming a MOM and now Becoming a SuperMOM 3

Here we tried to add the dog bit which you can see in the Trailer but….the dog went away too soon! (PS: He was a camera shy dog)

Becoming a MOM and now Becoming a SuperMOM 4

We were trying to make Renny gaze at a pic and a dog walked by, the camera got wobbly and everything was out of focus. Have to buy our very own dog for Youtube i guess. Hows the name “Youtube” for a dog? ROFL

Becoming a MOM and now Becoming a SuperMOM 5

Borrowed an i Phone for the shoot and we were trying to do the SE:FIE bit. This footage came really well as Renny is accustomed to selfie fever and she even has a android phone of her own.

Becoming a MOM and now Becoming a SuperMOM 6

Trying to do the cool mommy act and Renny also co-operated. This shoot was fun, though it was hot.

Do check out my Trailer and Subscribe to the channel to know more.

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