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Be Your Child’s BFF with 5 Chilling Ideas via the Ever Cool Netflix!

Mother And Two Children Sitting On Sofa At Home Watching TV Together

Be Your Child’s BFF with 5 Chilling Ideas via the Ever Cool Netflix!

 Do you know the best way you can become your child’s BFF?

It’s by watching some kid’s movies on Netflix and enjoying a chilled out session together. You might have been a busy mommy tackling household or office chores, and that has probably made your child grumpy. Well, worry not as Netflix can be the solution.

You can try these 5 cool ideas with your child to bond over some kid’s favorite movies.

5 exciting ways to Netflix and chill with your child!

  1. Movies day in!

If you’re a working mom, then it’s advisable that you take some time out of your busy schedule and spend more with your child.

You can plan an indoor movies day!

With Netflix offering free movie streaming for the first month, forget those overrated DVDs. Mix up genres or simply go clichéd, with all favorite kid’s movies! Here are a few suggestions!

  • For boys- I would suggest the all popular Batman series, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or The Karate Kid.
  • For girls- Quality time with your daughter can include more than dress up sessions. You can feel like a little girl yourself and watch those evergreen Barbie princess movies. My recommendation would be the Barbie of Swan Lake.

However, don’t forget to register. Pick out your favorites from their list and get watching!

  1. Clichéd movies work!

Some movies never get old! So, get some popcorn and bring out those tissues, not of cry but wipe tears of laughter. Watch evergreen movies like Mr. Bean’s Holiday or Baby’s day out with your baby boy/girl. You can even give the Home Alone trilogy a try with your 7-year-old child and laugh till your stomach hurts.

Or, if you both are craving adventure, switch to Tintin and cheer his escapades with Captain Haddock and Snowy!

  1. Do you love Anime?

Here’s the thing, Animes are much more than cartoons! You can learn a lot of new theories and ideas and watch stories taking your breath away. If your child is bored with the regular cartoons, these might bring him some excitement!

So, you can introduce him/her to the world of Jujitsu and fairylands. Let their mind wander while watching Naruto or Card Captor Sakura. If your little boy prefers sports, Captain Tsubasa is one you shouldn’t miss.

  1. Oriental dramas vs. Old Cartoons!

If you’re not into watching clichéd regular shows, you can go oriental. Besides, what’s a better way to learn about the different cultures? Try adorable French cartoons and watch your child’s face light up with joy. You can give Charley and Mimmo a try too!

However, if you have a feeling that nothing beats the shows you grew up with; watch the age-old classics together – Micky Mouse Club House, Loony Toons, Scooby Doo, and Pokémon.

  1. Get a tad Educational

You can watch documentaries on animals like Steven Irwin’s crocodile hunters or science-based shows that are not only educational but incredibly entertaining for kids.

Take an afternoon off and study with your child, to make him smart and well-learned.

Hence, ditch the regular mall visits and put on some comfy pajamas, because there’s hardly any better way to bond with your kid other than Netflix. Be the best cool mommy you can be!


Keep on watching Netflix,


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