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Be a Doc for a day


Gone are the days when we were scared of the doctor, i remember when i was a kid, going to a doctor was like a last resort and it also meant that you were probably very sick. So i am very happy that we got to visit Dr Varsha Daryanani who is a paediatric dentist @ Crown Corner in Nariman point, Mumbai and her clinic is the most kid-friendly clinic that i have seen, where the first thing that a kid does after visiting is to play. So this day was an attempt towards making kids familiar with the setting so that the next time they visit they are not scared but happy to visit and play.

Click on the video as to how we celebrated this exciting concept and though Renny shed a few tears she got to dress up like a doctor and even learnt a few things, to sum it up in a nutshell we overall enjoyed the concept and learnt a few too.