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Are we Nomophobic?


Nomophobia is a new kind of a #Phobia? Are kids likely to have it? Do moms get it too? The answer to all the above questions is a bold #YES.

So if we kind of break the word, it comes down to NO MO(Mobile) Phobia..Hah…so essentially it is a phobia caused by not having any kind of a mobile phone in and around you.

For the modern mum, the smartphone is indispensable. It is the first thing she checks when she wakes up, and the last thing she looks at before going to sleep. She reaches for it to help her manage her finances, organise tasks, shop, entertain the kids and interact with friends, Instagram is a way for her to travel the world while babysitting and Facebook is a tool to connect with new moms and old friends. So the question boils down to

“Are these ALL Modern Moms Nomophobic?” 

When asked the question to around 10 moms, 9 replied: "
If this is a kind of phobia that exists then, I am NoMoPhobic!"

The general sentiment amongst moms was that

Mobile is more of a parenting partner than their spouses these days 
and I totally agree with all of them!

To tell you my example……I use my phone, to pay all the bills that include, groceries, school fees, electricity, mobile and gas bills etc…And I have a cashless maid who prefers direct bank transfer so wow….that is also the job of a smartphone. All the schools these days have apps so that you can not only monitor and watch your kid live 24/7 but also check their progress and homework plus assignments via the app.

So, losing the smartphone is a kind of a terror….but this NoMoPhobia is not something when you use the smartphone to perform your duties. 

Nomophobia is the irrational fear of being without your mobile phone 
or being unable to use your phone for some reason, such as the 
absence of a signal or running out of minutes or battery power. 
A phobia is by definition an irrational fear.

Symptoms when you fear to be without a mobile device

Like all other phobias, the fear of being without a cell phone can also cause various mental and physical symptoms including:

  • Having elevated heart rate, sweaty palms, shallow breathing.
  • Most phobics will go to great lengths to protect their phone. They will also keep checking the device every now and then for battery life and/or messages.
  • They will never unplug and disconnect. They will ensure charging the battery so as to never be left without a phone. Many are even known to keep multiple phones.
  • Majority of phobics experience a full-fledged panic attack when separated from their phone for long periods.
  • They might use the phone in any place they deem fit, no matter how inappropriate.
  • Their usage of phone often affects their relationships or even gets in the way of their work at school or office. Many Nomophobes are known to be loners or experience problems maintaining relationships.


Now, While I am sure that we will jump at each other to call our respective spouses #NoMoPhobics, it is essential to keep a ‘NO Gadget Time’ assigned wherein the couple may choose to go a date night or spend time as a family with the kids at home or preferably outside and if you really think that your kids, teens or spouses can be likely to have this phobia do not feel shy of contacting a mental health professional.

As always….

Keep on rocking mommies


SuperMOM Mitali