Imagine a bed of roses and you have been asked to embrace the same with love! What would you do? Just fall on it with your eyes closed without any thoughts or you would be busy thinking about those 1000 thorns which will be pricking you?

Karenjit Kaur- The untold story of Sunny Leone is a show streaming on Zee 5 which highlights the untold story of a girl who chose this profession and climbed the peaks of the same. Was she ashamed of it? How did her family react to it? Did she find success in her life or she settled for less??? Read the article to know more about the same.

The show begins with Sunny Leone in her current life staying in Mumbai with her husband and family and she is the most googled celebrity in the world, so she is getting interviewed by a journalist. Sunny Leone now begins to share her story to the world. This is an authentic story, narrated by Sunny herself.


It all begins with Karenjits family moving to Los Angeles, they are not very affluent and hence Karenjit always wonders as to how it would be to have all the riches of the world at her disposal. This is when she gets a chance to dabble into the adult soft porn industry and she takes the chance because it pays well and in fact, she is mesmerized by the money it offers. One day when Karenjits family is celebrating Raksha Bandhan at home, Karenjit breaks the news to her parents that she’s going to Hollywood to shoot for a clothing brand commercial. Later, she confides in her brother that she is actually shooting for a soft porn film and is going to use his name that is ‘Sunny’ in the adult world. Time really flies and Sunny is getting loads of success in the adult porn world. This is when in the year 2003, Sunny Leone, wins the Penthouse Pet of the Year.


Life takes a big turn for Karenjit who has to now decide if she really wants to keep the line of her work a secret from her parents or declare it to them. She is worried about the aftermath of this news but finally confides in her parents. This gives a big blow to the traditional Indian parents of the famous Sunny Leone. The Vohra family are stunned and decide to break all kinds of ties with their daughter Karenjit Kaur Vohra.


Speaking as an audience this show has always intrigued me because don’t we always wonder…How did this woman decide to be a ‘Porn Star’? Was this her desire? Was she forced into it? This show gives us a glimpse into the world and the industry of the salacious kind. This is also an authentic documentary of the star herself who is back in India, stays in Mumbai with her family of 3 Kids and a husband and wants to give back so much to the society that she is now in the Kids Education business. She has a one of its kind art school for children known as D’Art Fusion.


I think now that I am under a lockdown, I shall be definitely watching the 3 beautiful seasons of Karenjit Kaur- The untold story of Sunny Leone streaming on Zee 5 really soon.


What about you mommies?


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