7 Gift Ideas for Your Spouse and Beloved This Valentine’s Day


John Denver wrote “Annie’s song” for his deceased beloved wife. This song later became the universal love song; it’s for people all around the world. You can sing it for your best friend, spouse, parents, and even kids. After all, love is the most enigmatic feeling of all. This Valentine’s Day, here are some quirky gifts for you to celebrate this day of love with your spouse and kids.

  1. Timeless Classic – Watch:

What else can you give to your beloved on this day? A reminder that time is the best gift? A watch serves that purpose the best. It’s a timeless classic and a safe option too. Search the web or go to any watch boutique and present this gift to your better half.

Or better with the advent of Digital Watches…you can choose a Fitbit, Apple watch or A Pebble.

  1. Up the style quotient – Handbags:

Vanity. One thing a lot of women have and why not? If you have earned it, flaunt it. So maybe that’s why the designers named it the vanity bag. The times have changed but the appeal of bags hasn’t. This can be a perfect gift option for your wife/ girlfriend.

If you have a husband who is into serious dressing a chic looking laptop bag might do the trick.

  1. Personalized wonders – Presto:

Gift your spouse a coffee mug with all the important dates and memories you two created. The first ever movie date to the recent trip you two made. Presto prints these dates in mugs and t-shirts to make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for you. You can also go for customized cushions for your kids. Let them share the love too.

  1. The vow to walk together – Shoes:

Everyone has a fascination for shoes. My husband is a total sneakerhead and if you have someone like him then taking them shoe shopping is a great idea! PS: You might want to avoid a surprise!  

Oprah Winfrey said, “I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes.” If Oprah is that fascinated about shoes, well, you can imagine how it will be for your honey boo.

  1. Because they never grow up – Gaming console:

Ladies, this one is for your man, and if you are a mom, well you have it for your kid(s) also. A boy, at some point of his time, loved games. Bring that child out in him with this gift and brownie points? Your kids and he can have some quality time with you.

And this can be a perfect time to steal away some ‘Me Time’ for you!

  1. Gateway to a romantic place – A weekend:

Get the tickets booked. Don’t let your partner know beforehand. Keep it a surprise and when he/ she thought you forgot about it, present the tickets. It doesn’t have to be in Paris. Come on! A night’s stay in a resort or boutique villa with your love would be perfect, isn’t it?

  1. Rooming it in- Date Night

Today’s world is fast paced and people are always on the move. The office takes up the maximum of people’s time and hence if traveling is the last of your worries…ordering in and opening that new bottle of wine is the best you can do for your loved one on this day! Hiring a masseuse and keeping the kids with your mom may be the perfect way to celebrate this evening!

You can also plan for other gifts. A little more common, but they are always, always there. Ring, engraved with your initials or maybe the zodiac signs, movie tickets, massage coupon are some of the clichéd but still working options.

Now that some of the ideas are shared, what will you do this 14th Feb?

Care to share…

Keep on loving

SuperMOM Mitali