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6 non-resolution reasons to get back and rock that Gym


The most common new year resolution is to hit the gym but we as mommies especially the ones like me who also work, find it difficult to rock the gym any time of the year. But as I have started ‘Gymming’ pretty seriously since the last year here are some of the non- resolutions that I find awesome and make me hit the gym on a regular basis.

Funky Gym wear– Now that some funky gym wear is seriously in fashion, woudn’t you like to lay your hands on them? Also what I have noticed is that…..after I started hitting the gym, I started to have a positive body image and didn’t compare myself with other hot looking girls. In fact I considered myself to be a fit lady. Is funk gym wear doing all this change? I bet!

TV Time– Gyms always seem to have daytime trash TV playing. I kind of love getting to watch something, knowing that my kids aren’t listening and that no one is judging me. And if they are, I have headphones in and I can’t hear them anyway. If your gym also has wifi, you can download your favorite guilty pleasures and watch them with abandon while you get some cardio in. And if it means getting to watch another episode of The Good Wife or Koffee with Karan, I’ll totally work out a little longer.

Friends- Ohh yeah, meeting other moms who love to workout is an added bonus. Hitting the gym will not only ensure that you have new set of friends who share the fitness phenomenon as much as you, but looking at the

Spa Time– Our gym has a steam room and I hope yours does, too. You don’t even need to work out to use it! If you wanted, you could just sit there and sweat out the day’s worries. Close your eyes and pretend you are at an exotic location or when I am worried I just book a cool massage (Thanks to the great spa package available in the gym at really nominal 10$ price) and relax!

Books – I miss reading books other than Harry potter. Since we joined our gym, I have started listening to audio books and podcasts again. Parenting little ones sometimes makes you feel like you are in a black hole of information. If it wasn’t on the Disney Channel, I probably didn’t hear about it. It’s nice to have different things to talk about with my husband at the end of the day other than what the kids did.

Hope you enjoyed the article and are ready to hit the gym!

Supermom Mitali

Keep on rocking Mommies!!!!