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6 Easy Self-Care Ideas for Busy Mamas


I just love how the way the word Self-Care has gained so much importance in the recent times. Maybe it is because of the increasing trend to be a microcelebrity on the platforms like Twitter and Instagram or just showing it off to friends and family on Facebook any reason to take good care of yourself is a good enough reason. The bigger question here is though not why but how can we moms take out time managing just about everything and then taking self-care…”Gosh! This seems like an impossible feat!”

Trust me… these simple solutions can transform you into a self-care expert without requiring to squeeze in loads of time! Read on to know them!

Makeup ready in under 2 minutes

Hah…this means that you have to invest time in buying the makeup first but with the advent of online marketplaces, this seems to be a quick deal anyways. (Wait…let me do a video on quick makeup basics soon)  So if you are ready with the makeup, just begin by applying a moisturizer on a perfectly clean face and then top it up with a foundation, some Kalal and a chic lipstick and you are perfectly ready in under two minutes. Just make sure you get a hold of some baby oil and wipe off the makeup before sleeping.

Skincare routine which takes 3 minutes 

While choosing the right skincare would take up a long time, using it just takes about 1 min 30 seconds each time. So let’s get some skincare mommies!!! Use a cleanser to clean your face and keep these products right in the bathroom so that your bathtime can consist of this small ritual and keeping it handy, right in your sight means that you won’t forget it as well. Post the cleanser, take a cotton swab and sprinkle a toner quickly removing the dirt from the face, after you get ready, just dab in the moisturizer and your skin will be feeling great in just sometime! Repeat this after makeup removal at night!

Fitness Basics with Kids

If you are a mom who takes her fitness very seriously, then these basics won’t fit you (As you are someone from whom we should be taking tips!) If you are a mom who wants to exercise but gym seems like a dream then just play some dance music at home and dance it off with kids. If you are looking for a proper home fitness session, then check this video on our Home Workouts.

Eat well

Before becoming a mom, my diet routine was so perfect that it would put any actress to shame but after becoming a mom, my sister who eats junk pretty often was shocked at my diet. So yeah… I know having kids can pretty much throw your routine out of the window. One tip that OneFitMomma gave me is to stock fruits and salads in your fridge all the time and throw away all the junk. This will pretty much force you to eat healthy for sure.

Engage your brain

I used to do crossword puzzles pretty regularly, which I found mentally stimulating. The key words in that sentence are “used to.” I can’t remember the last time I did a crossword puzzle. However, I find that some of my kids’ toys offer a similar effect. Coloring with them, putting their puzzles back together, making cupcakes out of play dough, building a car out of Legos, all engage my brain in a similar way that crosswords did. Your kids’ toys are for the taking! (After all, you bought them.) Do not underestimate their power to entertain you.

Take a night off

I swear by this and again this topic calls for a video but taking a night off where you pack your kids away to their grandmas or you take off with your mommy friends to an overnight break can take away years of tiredness and fatigue from your body. I take every Saturday night off as a parent and trust me this is more than having ‘Nectar’ to me.

I hope you like these quick and easy articles on taking care of yourself.

Till them..

Keep on taking care mommies


SuperMOM Mitali