It was recently all over the news that we Mumbaikars (People based in Mumbai/Bombay ) are enjoying a slimy experience wherein many young boys and girls have resorted to making this gooey semi-solid or goop and have been posting videos about the same making it a viral sensation. It is also believed that this has been some sort of a stress buster and has been turning into a hobby which is used to forget worries as well. Let’s squish to di-stress!!!

If you are amongst a few who have been left behind on this sensation..check these 5 videos out which are guaranteed to make you smile and in turn resort to slime.

Video No 1- This video shows you how to make a basic slime!

Video no 2- This video shows you how to make 3-4 different types of slime

Video no 3 is showing you all types of Viral Slimes

Video no 4- This is a Kid Friendly Slime Recipe- Borax Free

Video no 5- Features a teenager making a Snow Slime

I hope you enjoyed this slime special article

Keep on Sliming


SuperMOM Mitali

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