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5 must reads during Pregnancy


When I conceived for the first time, I was riddled with all these doubts and I went by the old saying that ‘Books are man’s best friend’ and resorted to the following books, the result was that I knew the answers to many small things relating to the care of an infant and my knowledge about my own body improved. While the first 4 books are all about pregnancy, the 5th one is a bit of a surprise about how we women can follow the example of Sheryl Sandberg and lead ourselves on the job front. It helped me immensely to not only get back to work but also accomplish great tasks without feeling guilty.

Read on to know which books they were!

Heidi Murkoff- What to expect when you are expecting

Nutan Pandit- Pregnancy- the Complete Childbirth Book


Rujuta Divekar- Pregnancy Notes


Suchitra Shenoy- Mindful Parenting: The First 1,000 Days



Sheryl Sandberg- Lean In -Women, Work, and the Will to Lead