Parenting in the 90’s as compared to now which means in the year 2018 has assumed two totally different meanings. This means that our parents had to deal with totally different issues than we have to deal now. So let us have a look at some of the tips that can make us effective millennial parents.

Spending Quality Time

Nothing can beat this step wherein a parent spends quality time with their kid. This quality time may not only be spent at home while doing homework but also doing things like exploring different types of Animals (Stuffed animals or animal-based Toys) Cars, Dolls or whatever your kid is into. Or you can even devise your own game and indulge in a playtime with your kid where no devices are involved. This quality time for a mom who has an older kid would mean listening to the kids’ stories or answering their questions.

Spending quality time can be anything where you and your kids form lasting memories.

Involving your kid in your life

Your kid should always be a part of your life as we believe that parenting is a privilege and not a responsibility. Making them a part of your shopping or cooking experience or something as simple as asking your kids to choose your clothes or the lipstick colour can be a good way that you make them feel important.

Belittling them or shouting at them in front of others can really harm their self-esteem so that is a big no-no. Taking their opinions into consideration makes them feel important and loved thus raising a mentally healthy kid.

Equal Parenting

Equal parenting means the amount of responsibility both the parents share on a regular basis. Generally, in India, mothers assume the role of a primary caregiver but with increasing number, of women, working Parenting has to be an equal job.

Dr Yashashree Poudwal an imminent Psychiatrist in Mumbai maintains…Parents share impacts a child’s development and behaviour right up-to adulthood.

Research has shown that families where both parents share responsibilities, the children perform better academically, socially and behaviorally. Both parents bring in a different perspective of life with each other, thus allowing a child to have wholesome experience.

The family is happier, more peaceful and well bonded. Children raised by equally involved parents have better self-esteem, confidence and are less prone to violent behaviour. Helping your partner parent also improves your relationship, which is important since it gives a blueprint for the child’s future relationships. Raising children is a tough job. Any help that you give your partner is appreciated.

Boosting Brainpower and Independence

The more you expose your child to worldly affairs, science, technology, history and geography the more his/her brainpower gets boosted. If your kid is interested in History then planning a short trip to a local museum is a good way to boost their brainpower. Even while in a mall or while travelling encourage your kids to ask questions and always answer them positively and trimming down the gory/negative aspects of the same like for example World Wars or someone like Hitler can be explained as being a bad phenomenon/person respectively without going in details.

A child who has been loved, respected and always encouraged by his/her parents will always be independent but try to teach the kid meaning of responsible independence and how to be safe at all times.

Keeping the child Healthy and forming healthy habits

The first step to a healthy kid is to complete all the necessary vaccinations and doses. The second most important step is maintaining dental hygiene and of course overall hygiene. The third step which forms a base for health is to help your kids form healthy habits like choosing a fruit over a candy or cake. Ensuring the supply of greens and leafy vegetables in his/her diet.

One most important step here is to tell them the importance of maintaining good health and giving them a general idea as to what bad health can lead to.

Most importantly Be the role model your children deserve. Kids learn by watching their parents. Modelling appropriate, respectful, good behaviour works much better than telling them what to do.

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