5 Easy-To-Make Breakfast Recipes for Kids

Only a mom knows how difficult it is to make breakfasts that kids ‘eat’!

Well, yes; feeding kids early morning is no easy task. So, when it comes to making breakfasts for them, you need to make the most of your creative and innovative mind to cook one.

Food that makes them slurp and smack their lips is not that difficult to prepare though. All you need is a few interesting ideas.

Try with ingredients that are colourful & attractive. The dish, when prepared, must also look irresistible and get your kid’s attention in a snap.

Here’s a list of 5 dishes that keep you and your kid’s belly happy and healthy!

1 – Idli-styled egg pizza

Try your kid’s appetite with idli-styled egg pizza. While the name ‘pizza’ is irresistible, this one’s here with a twist of health.

Take hard-boil eggs and store them unpeeled in the fridge the night before. In the morning, steam idli batter in 8-10 idli casts, press it flat & toast. Add a drizzle of olive oil and layer with sliced eggs, tomatoes, and grated mozzarella.

Broil to melt the cheese. Serve hot, and watch your kid appetisingly gorge on these mini-idli-styled egg pizzas.

And While I agree that Pizza is best consumed hot but kids are kids and hence I like to preserve them using Insulated Food Jar



2 – Appetising citrus shake with a poached egg

A perfect mixture of taste and health, citrus shake with poached egg brings a burst of exciting flavours.

Also, it’s packed with essential nutrients to keep you & your kid energetic all day long. It’s easy to make and suits the nutritional requirements of adults too. So, prepare the shake, and pour in a glass with a straw. Slice yellow and red bell pepper, poach some egg in it and garnish with herbs.

Eat with your kid for a hearty breakfast!

3 – Colourful spring rolls with delicious bites

Move over the regular rolls, and try this healthy alternative to surprise your child.

These mini spring roll versions with a pop of colour will make sure your stubborn-against-breakfast kid doesn’t resist it.

Wrap cooked eggs and veggies in a whole-wheat chapatti roll, and make bite-sized slices. Sprinkle with sautéed black pepper and serve.

While I make this and my kids keep on consuming them the entire day Food Storage Containers are the best way to preserve them.

4 – Scrambled eggs with cheese, and toasted whole wheat chips

This scrambled egg recipe is a must-have in your kid’s breakfast list. Crushed whole wheat chapatti chips add essential carbohydrates while eggs become the perfect source of protein.

Let your kid experience taste with home-made sauce and herb sprinkling. Enjoy this tempting breakfast together.

5 – Dry-fruit rich bowl of halwa

Halwas’ are refreshingly new in taste and flavour, and a perfect substitute for conventional bread or chapatti and milk.

Steaming hot halwa serves entirely as a comfortable dish on cold mornings while treating the taste buds with apricot and almond dressing. Your kid would never say ‘nay’ to it.

Try them on alternate days to add variety. So, worry no more as both you and your child will enjoy these tasty recipes heartily!

Keep on cooking and eating,


SuperMOM Mitali