Now that it is the time of the year when wearing clothes is not fun anymore we have some ideas for you mommies where these dressy outfits will not only keep your kids cool but make them look cool as well. So let’s plan the wardrobe for the kids who like to decide their own outfits and yet want to rock in them. No fighting your mommy on this kiddos!!! 


                                        For the girl who loves pink and floral 

Outfits For Girls

Outfits for Girls

If you are one of those parents who always shopping for pink frocks everywhere and is getting tired of your baby doll dressing up like a Cinderella even to the pool party or the garden, this romper is for you mommy! This will not only elevate her look from a cute chic to a smart girl but add a dash of sunglasses with some shimmery sandals will make her your perfect darling. Time to click some photographs now! 

                                                        For the smarty pants gal

Outfits 1

If you are one of the moms who wish to see her gal dress up in a cute and girly attire for a change but are not able to do so, investing in a floral skirt will be a great idea. Just see to it that the colours on the top and the skirt match so buying pastel shades would be a safe bet. Just coax your baby doll to look like a doll and take her out for a public event or a pool party and I am sure she would get blown away by all the compliments…once that happens, your summers and the wardrobe, both are sorted. 

Outfits  2





For those mommies who always want to try something new, these mix and match ideas will definitely seem exciting.  






                                                 For the well-dressed Gentleman 

Outfits 3

We mommies won’t get our way with the kids dressing when they grow up so this may be the time to kick in your wisdom and get clicking those thousand of snaps which you can readily share on your Instagram and Snapchat and gain thousands of followers in return. You can even trade in the shirt for a variety of other colours of t-shirts or shirts and your kid will be happy to wear his shorts. Just beware of the dirt! 

                                               For toddler and infant dapper boys Outfits 4

If you have a choosy boy then you are in for a lot of fights and thus investing in not one but many accessories along with the outfits is a good idea for you mommies. Suspenders, coloured bow ties in blacks, blues and reds, Hats and a variety of goggles along with at least 3 shades of shoes will be a good idea. Just be sure to mix and match them cleverly and you are all set for a cool looking dapper hunk. 

Outfits 5


For those mommies who always want to try something new, these mix and match ideas will definitely seem exciting.  





So how did you like these outfit ideas? Please be sure to comment and let us know your feedback. Till then keep cool and rock the summers 


SuperMOM Mitali 





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