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5 Bollywood MOMS that made us cry!


5 Bollywood Moms that made us cry….

Every time I watch a Bollywood movie (Only the good ones and that too on Netflix or Amazon Prime) the scene where my favourite hero is going through a bad patch or when someone is sacrificing something they love or someone is very close to realising their dream….I CRY! (Oops….I admitted crying on the international website…not national television…blah) Hence I thought of sharing these amazing….”Mere Pass SuperMAA Hai!” Types of SuperMOMS from Bollywood who made us shed tears while eating popcorn. While not all of them are real-life moms, ‘Reel moms’  you deserve a big round of applause. So here I am going to introduce a Cry Meter which will determine how much each mommy made me cry from a scale of 1 to 10.

Sri Devi In English Vinglish

Sri Devi who is a mom to two beautiful girls in her real life gave a smashing performance of an amazing cook (Dude I am also a good cook! but…..a reluctant one.) plus a mommy who does not understand the A B or C’s of English. She is often ridiculed by her daughter who thinks that her mom is a total loser of a housewife who cannot speak English to even save her life. This part in the film made me cry, even though this was long before I actually became a mom. Check out the cry meter….Do you agree?

Cry Meter – 8 Tears Shed out of 10.
Sakshi Tanvar in Dangal

From a TV serial bhabhi to a filmy mommy Sakshi Tanvar has come a long and a successful way. I totally loved the character of a Haryanavi mommy, Daya Kaur played by Sakshi and she on many instances came across like a really sweet but a strong mom who will support her husband all the way in the film Dangal. The incident where she helps her girls dress up as girls made me totally shed tears. As the film depicts the real-life story of Geeta and Babita Phogat who are into wrestling, they are often made to dress up in pants and t-shirts as opposed to traditional Indian wear by their father and thus this scene totally made me cry as a girl, woman and a mom. Check out the cry meter…do you agree?

Cry Meter – 9 Tears Shed out of 10.
Hindi Medium

Hindi Medium is a story of an urban couple from Delhi in India who are really harrowed by their kid’s admissions, they only want to admit their daughter in a top, posh school but get rejected in personal interviews as they are perceived as totally uncool. I didn’t shed many tears but was totally able to relate to the sorry state that the mommy was in because I am also in a similar state right now. Check out the cry meter…do you agree?

Cry Meter – 5 Tears Shed out of 10.

If you haven’t seen this film, then you are probably missing out on one of the nicest films based on a very different story. So the mommy here is played by one of the only actresses in Bollywood (Yup….I said that!) Vidya Balan and the kid is none other than the Big B, Amitabh Bachchan himself. So Big B here is diagnosed with Progeria which makes him look like an old man when he for the fact is only a 10-year-old kid. The emotional turmoil of a mom who has a kid affected with this disease is shown very nicely and the scene where Vidya Balan is playing with her kid in a park (Who obviously looks different) and is enjoying a motherly moment is amazing….she is in fact interrupted by another mom who looks and says something disgusting. This scene made me cry and in fact, the music makes me cry even till date. Check out the cry meter…do you agree?

Cry Meter – 9 Tears Shed out of 10.
Taare Zameen Par

I ought to see this movie again because even if this movie is a decade old, I think this is a lovely movie which depicts the life of a boy with Dyslexia in a very nice manner. Every part of the movie is emotional, I could see myself as a kid in the movie back when I saw it but maybe now I could understand the mom’s turmoil in detail. Aamir Khan plays the role of the teacher who understands what the kid is going through and helps him when the parents cannot. This movie has really changed the way the moms of the current generation look at learning disabilities. The scene where the mom breaks down after her younger kid has failed in the 3rd standard was really a shocker for me then and the song Maa makes me wanna cry till date anytime. Check out the cry meter…do you agree?


Cry Meter – 10 Tears Shed out of 10.

Hope you have enjoyed this read and have had a great time at watching all these movies.

Perhaps, watching them again would be needed right?


Keep on Watching….


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