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5 Beauty Products that can transform a MOM into a SuperMOM


“Mommy, why do you wear makeup? To look prettier?” asked my 4-year-old daughter as she watched me getting ready for a meeting. I froze — this was one of those moments, right? One of those times where whatever I say will have a long-reaching impact on her psyche and self-esteem? My next words would deeply matter. I couldn’t fuck this up.

“Yes, honey. And also, because I think it’s fun. And…because I really like wearing makeup.”

I said this and watched my baby smile, I really think that wearing makeup adds to a confident looking, positive and happy looking me and hence let’s see what Akanksha Bansal suggests are the 5 Beauty Products that can transform a MOM into a SuperMOM….

We just need a few simple products to transform from a simple mom to a supermom, I have always observed that when you look good, you automatically feel good and this results in a great day, positive outlook and an amazing time with the family and kids. Let’s get ahead and check out some products which can transform you into a SuperMOM in a jiffy.

Liquid Foundation for even tone 

Generally, we all have uneven skin tone. Unwanted blemishes, skin tan, and acne makes your makeup incomplete. Therefore, a correct application of a liquid foundation is necessary for a flawless makeup to give a uniform color to the complexion.  However, identify your skin tone before choosing the correct shade of foundation.

An oil-free, smooth and foundation cream with SPF is one of the 5 Beauty Products that can transform a MOM into a SuperMOM

Blush for an attractive look

Out of the every beauty product, blush is the one which can completely change your look. Just a pinch of its application can make you look healthier and more youthful. Generally, unknowingly many of you get your cheekbones overloaded with blush, which doesn’t give a perfect finish. Hence, blush should be used to add warmth to your makeup so that your skin looks more bright and attractive.

Pro Tip- Almost always your lipstick can act as a blush. 

Kajal with Vitamin E

Choose the best organic kajal with Vitamin E for your beautiful eyes. Kajal which has castor oil as an ingredient can be a good option. Castor oil is good for the eyes as it heals them and makes them stress-free. Moreover, castor oil is the purest form of Vitamin E.

Waterproof Mascara

Mascara is used for enhancing your eyelashes. It volumizes, curls and lengthens your eyelashes giving an attractive look to your eyes. I always recommend that mascara is one of the 5 Beauty Products that can transform a MOM into a SuperMOM Waterproof mascara is long lasting as compared to washable mascara.

Waterproof mascara, as the name suggests, stays even in rain, tears, or in any dampness, however, this type of mascara make your lashes dried and bind.

Pro tip: Use oil to remove the mascara.

A perfect shade of Lipstick

Nowadays, you can see the variety of Lipstick shades. However, I always suggest choosing color keeping your skin tone in mind. Do not buy the shade of lipstick just by liking it on television. In addition, matte finish lipsticks stay for the longer duration yet it gives a chappy look. However, oil-based lipsticks are also the good option to consider.

I hope this blog of mine has been useful to you and guided you for buying 5 beauty products that every mom should use. The beauty products are always good to use if they have been applied to proper care and attention. Remember, skin varies from person to person and so the perception. Therefore, always choose the products using your own conscience and knowledge.

Guest blog by Akansha Bansal who blogs extensively on her website BudingStar.com


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