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5 basic rules that every Online Schooling Mommy MUST Follow


This year nothing is going as planned. I planned a vacation but that had to be cancelled. My toddler’s school year will begin in 2021! I had just left the most lively part of the house to be done later which is the kitchen but that has sadly been left undone and we are almost nearing the end of the year.

Guess what…I am big on back to school every year but sadly this year had to be ‘Back to Online School’ instead and I am not a teeny tiny bit happy about the same.

I am a busy mom and get everything done when my older kid goes to school and the younger one plays with the nanny or sleeps. But…2020 you have me working round the clock and I was  not a tad bit happy about the same until I figured the ‘5 basic rules that  every Online Schooling Mommy MUST Follow’ 

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Rule Number 1

Set a designated device reserved only for Online Schooling. 

I know we all are running behind devices, whether it’s our mobile phone which is practically a saviour for every mom in today’s world, or the laptop which we need for all the office stuff. It’s the I Pad for the kid and the PS4 for the husband and the list goes on and on. This can mean that you will always be hunting for a device when the online school time approaches and trust me this can mean a lot of anger, noise and frustration and so on….To avoid this a SuperMOM has a geeky solution.

Take a laptop which is a tad bit old and convert that into the Online School Station Laptop. I took one which only works with a plug on but works perfectly and all my kid’s online classes are done on it. No one steals it and no one fidgets with it. That brings me to the second rule…


Rule Number 2

Set a designated place for your online school or design an Online Schooling Station. 

We live in a fairly good house but many times it’s still not enough. The time of the school approaches and everyone is at their noisest best! Sounds Familiar? This is the reason why I came up with the whole jazz of designing an Online Schooling Station. How? Here is how…

Use a quiet room in your house and set up a table and a comfortable chair. Decorate the station with things that look geeky at the same time do not divert your kid’s attention. So I added a nice marble contact paper and transformed the old-looking table into a fancy one and added study cards to the table. One candle and a stationery box later the table was ready and we gave it a name as well. ‘Dr Rennys Geeky School’ to make it fun and serious. Fun right? With the tag of a Dr attached right before your name! You better study! 


Rule Number 3

Keep the meal times before school

Mommy…I am hungry, Let me skip class! Sounds Familiar? 

I make sure I finish the breakfasts and lunches before everyone starts their work and even make sure the kid eats her breakfast before her school starts. This makes sure that she pays attention and also is sitting on a full tummy. For kids who love binging, we can also make the feeling of an online school closer to reality by making them carry lunches and letting them eat it in break times. 


Rule Number 4

Dress right to Online School. 

Uniforms were invented for a reason, right? I know I am not one of the moms who will make the kid wear a uniform for the online school but I make sure that my daughter is appropriately dressed and is sitting in front of the screen with her eyes on the screen and not on her hair or some kind of embellishments that her new dress offers. Select a 5 pants and T shirts that have the minimum design or sparkles or distractions on them and keep them ready for the week before hand this will make sure that the kid dresses up on time before school and you are also sorted when it comes to clothing! 


Rule no 5

Keep tabs on kids because they should be Safe Online.

Now that kids as young as 3-year-olds have been learning online, we need to be really careful. Kids are schooling online but it just takes one click and they can be on youtube or Netflix browsing their favourite shows. So it’s better that you sit with them while they school to install a Cam or then barge in at regular intervals. 

                            Also, Screen Time with regards to young kids and toddlers is an extremely delicate situation. I am a mother to a 2.5-year-old and I give her ample screen time but with supervision. I also ask bith my kids at night as to what they learnt during the day so that I am up to date with what they have been learning! 


Keep on Online Schooling

SuperMOM Mitali