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5 Actually Practical Makeup Tips For New Moms

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5 Actually Practical Makeup Tips For New Moms

Think Makeup is not for you? Think again! After becoming a mom you will not only be sleep deprived but also irritated and hungry…leaving you no time for those salon visits or gym or even a cuppa tea!!! Worry not…we have some excellent practical makeup tips for all you mommies who will always want to look like a million bucks…In spite of your current bank balance. HAH!!!

Carry your makeup bag to the hospital at the time of your delivery

My hair was done, I had my makeup on and voila…I entered the OT with a smile on my face…when I came out with a baby…(I had a C-Sec so 20 minutes is what I needed) I felt like a queen…No…I don’t have those pics with me because we hadn’t discovered Instagram by then….but I was sorted…I looked like a babe and then dozed off to sleep. I was horrified to look at myself the next day with a hungry baby in my hand but my makeup bag saved me…A touch of some face wipes, setting powder and lipstick later…I was back to feeling like a true SuperMOMMY!

Carry mascara in your bag at all times – Eyebrows are important

Well groomed eyebrows are the most important thing to looking perfect…I know the whole make-up kit will get you to achieve the look with perfection but do not forget the Mascara which will add to those bonus points. PS: Waterproof Mascara 

Get your hair sorted before the arrival of the baby

I used to straighten my hair and that really sorted by luscious, thick, long hair for almost 6 months and that is what I had attempted before the arrival of my baby. Now that our baby no 2 is due in May, I shall resort to a keratin treatment well in advance so that I look good on and well after the D-Day. Ohh yes…did I forget to mention a colour treatment to hide the greys? If you have curly hair then you can try on a hairstyle which will help you maintain your curls in place or for moms who have unmanageable hair can resort to a high ponytail and still beam with confidence.

Heels give you confidence

While staying away from heels is advised during pregnancy, they kind of become your best friend post the arrival of your baby. Now with so many cool options, you can always choose some comfy heels.

Invest in Statement everything….

Statement necklace/earrings to a statement scarf to a statement jacket everything that takes the attention off your crumpled clothes or greasy hair or a sleep-deprived face would make you look good, you could also invest in some fake statement glasses to take the look off your puffy eyes.


Keep on looking great mommies!


SuperMOM Mitali