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11 Grandma Remedies to Make Your Infant’s Cough and Cold Dsappear!


Is your baby’s pained face and frequent cries of discomfort making you frantic with worry? Mothers, it can be a matter of stress when your new-born catches the flu. Moreover, you must be reluctant to feed the little one, the store-bought medication so soon.

So, I have the perfect solution for you that beat all chemist shop meds! The traditional grandma remedies for a cough and cold! What’s more, I got 11 of them to cure your baby in a jiffy:

Let’s Begin!

Eucalyptus oil!

This oil is often used by elderly and can relieve respiratory issues very quickly. So, allow your baby to inhale mildly heated eucalyptus oil. However, if you don’t want your 3-month-old to inhale it, sprinkle a little of it in his/her bedding.

Coconut oil and Camphor

Mildly heat coconut oil and pour a little camphor powder in it. Then mix the paste and apply it to your baby’s chest before bed. Use 4-5 drops and watch your baby sleep soundly.

Roasted ajwain

An age-old remedy that still works wonders for babies. Roast your regular ajawain and take the heated grains in a handkerchief to make a the , after that let your baby inhale from it, to relieve a blocked nose.  

Okra in boiling water

So, boil some okra in heated water and let your baby sip the water in 2-3 drops. 

Infants cannot directly consume Okra unless they reach 1 year. However, ladies finger or okra itself has probiotic properties and can help in eliminating mucus.

Mustard oil and ajwain seeds

Another age-old totka used by our grannies is mustard oil or sarso oil.
Heat a little amount of mustard oil and add few ajwain seeds and garlic in it. This will reduce whooping coughs. 

Apply this concoction, just before bed on the little one’s chest, back, soles of his feet and a drop behind his ears.

This mixture will stop his cough from worsening and help in reducing the cold.

Steam treatment

Steam inhalation should not be done like adults. Take your child to the bathroom and fill the tub with hot water and make the room steamy. Now, stay in the steam with your infant for 10 minutes.

This will help in clearing your newborn’s nose and throat.

Keep your baby’s skin hydrated.

In case of flu, either moisturize your baby, or take a steamed towel and gently wipe your baby as required. 

Breastfeeding helps too

Mother’s milk has anti-bacterial properties that help in boosting infant’s immunity. So, when your child suffers from the flu, breastfeed the little one to help him/her heal fast.

Coconut oil with Grind tulsi 

Tulsi has antiviral, antibiotic and anti-bacterial properties, which aid in removing cough and cold. So, make a tulsi paste and mix it with organic coconut oil. Now, massage your child’s chest, neck, and back as required. 


Take a pinch of saffron and add a drop or two of water and apply to your baby’s forehead, throat and feet soles. This will help in getting rid of blocked nose and congestion. 

Baby Vicks VapoRub

This works like a miracle, so use a few drops of heated Vicks VapoRub and apply it to your baby’s back and chest. This will help in removing the infection. 

So, mommies no more fretting, use the toktas mentioned above to cure your little love of any diabolical flu.